Found a booster box worth of shadowless cards locally

Picked up a booster box worth of shadowless cards from some kid locally today. No holos but all the non holo rares were still there. The real kicker is I only paid $65 and the cards are essentially all pack fresh… Wont get this lucky again ever!


Wow that is one clean back right there. Nice find!

Solid deal. Give it 3-5 more years while the market dries up and prices should move up for these.

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Yeah I have so little money in it right now I might just hold them for a few years and see where they go. I would say most of the commons and uncommons are $3 to $5 a piece in that condition but I think it’s worth waiting…

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Agreed. Just sleeve them and hold on to them. I seriously doubt they go down. I see them being 8-10 a piece in 3-5 years when collectors start focusing on Shadowless more.

Nice find. But if you spent less money on manicure products you could afford more pokemon. Thats a nice looking thumbnail! (compared to some others seen around)

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