Final Fantasy Opus TCG - Opus V Pre Release News/Info

Final Fantasy Opus

General Information

—Booster Box/Pack Composition—
36 Booster Packs with 12 Cards each
7 Common
3 Rare 1 Foil (Any Rarity)1 Hero OR Legend

**—Rarity Tiers—**Common (C) Rare (R) Hero (H) Legend (L) Starter (S)*

*Foil versions only obtainable in Booster Packs, all cards from Starter Decks are non-foil

**—Set Composition—**Each set contains a different amount of cards. Each set will only ever have 14 Legend Rarity Cards Each set has accompanying Starter Decks which contain all non-foil cards
—Image Resources—
Opus Booster Box ExampleOpus Booster Pack ExampleOpus Non-Foil Example
Opus Foil Example
Opus Starter Deck Examples
—Useful Links/Resources—
Official TCG Website
Official Card RegistryHow to Play Article


Opus V Pre Release Information: Link

Final Fantasy Dissidia Promos: Link

2018 Release Schedule (Opus V/VI/VII): Link

Promo Cards

Each set has an official Pre-Release card accompanying the set. Opus 1/2/3 had specially numbered cards with a ‘PR’ designation and had non-foil and foil versions of the cards, this changed for Opus 4 and a regular set foil was stamped with ‘Opus IV Pre-Release’ and given out in the pre release packs. This only came as a foil.

PR-001 SephirothPR-002 Vincent
PR-003 LightningCloud Opus IV Pre-ReleaseThere is a unique sort of Promo Card that was released to coincide with Opus 1. It is a Promotional Cloud Foil which is set in Landscape rather than Portrait. It is not a playable card.

Cloud A-001 Promo


I couldn’t insert new posts into the old thread so I had to start a new one just so I had more room to expand on the topic and have a dedicated news posts and a post explaining promo cards.

I hope there will be continued interest in the FFTCG from forum members and I am looking forward to, hopefully, seeing this TCG grow.


Saw some discussion saying that Opus 1,2,3 got reprints and that it’ll be the last reprints for those 3 sets. That would make 3 prints for Opus 1 (with first being Wave 1, second/third being Wave 2) and 2 prints for Opus 2 and 3.

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Decided to collect some of the sparkly FFX cards for nostalgia.

They have these rough edges like the cards I pulled myself, too. Exactly like my english shining legends cards, something shady is going on in these factories. I myself worked in the printing industry for a short time and this shouldn’t happen that often.

Edit. on a side note: the dbs tcg seems to release in europe next month. I’m looking forward to that one, too. As a small side collection.

@slippingjimmy - On the packs where does it say those German cards are printed?

I don’t have any on my hands right now. But it seems that it says made in singapore.

Opus V Pre Release Card and now the PR pack comes with sleeves. Neat.

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That card looks nice! Even if someone doesn’t know much about final fantasy, it just looks clean.


$6.99 for 1 booster pack? holy smokes

Pic is broken mate.

Replaced it.

Also a Legend Card got revealed, looks awesome.

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