FEED ME CHARIZARDS + Some Other Random Needs :)

Hi all, list is updated once again. Mainly focusing on Charizards but other stuff to fill some holes left in Binders. For Zards I’m looking for NM+ meaning cards that would grade 7 or higher though I would not be grading. However I do realise many of the ones left on the list are fairly expensive. Thus for the more expensive versions of each card I’d be happy to take cards that would grade 5/6 rather than 7. Prices are next to the cards in GBP, and are assuming they’re NM for cards £50 and under but for ones that are more expensive I’d be happy with EX (Would grade PSA 4/5/6) for now! :blush: I’ve used grades as examples of the condition I’m looking for, NOT looking for the cards to be actually graded, they’re for a binder!


  1. 1st Ed Thick 350
  2. 1st Ed Thin 350
  3. 1st Ed Grey 350 (For these, I’m willing to accept some pretty poor conditions :stuck_out_tongue:)
  4. Shadowless 75
  5. 4th Print 60
  6. Legendary Collection Non-Holo 25
  7. Blaine’s Corrected 25
  8. 1st Ed Shining 150 (Willing to take a 6/7)
  9. Expedition 6 Reverse 10
  10. Expedition 39 6
  11. Expedition 39 Reverse 10
  12. Expedition 40 6
  13. Skyridge Holo 150
  14. Skyridge Reverse 100

Random Binder Gaps (All Unlimited EX-NM)

Alakazam Holo Base Set 5
Chansey Holo Base Set 5
Clefairy Holo Base Set 5
Hitmonchan Holo Base Set 5
Machamp Holo Base Set 3
Magneton Holo Base Set 5
Nidoking Holo Base Set 5
Zapdos Holo Fossil 4
Misty Holo Gym Heroes 3
Zapdos Reprint Supreme Victors 3
Heat Rotom SR Rising Rivals 3
Wash Rotom SR Rising Rivals 3
Uxie Level X Legends Awakened 8

I’m based in the UK so factor that in, if someone was to have a lot of these cards who’d be willing to sell me them in a lot that would be most appreicated. Thanks!


What would you pay for all the base set and fossil holos? I have all those for sure and maybe even the gym heroes ones. I have multiple of ecah from exc+ up to exc/nm so I bet we can agree on a price. PM if interested.

I probably even have some of the others but am turning in for the night and can look into it Thurs night.


Messaged bud.

Still need everything from the original list in EXC +

However, here is another list of cards I’m looking for. Going to try and assemble every Zard in English in a binder and these are what I need I think. Ideally want all these in NM +, however once again these are for a binder not grading so anything over a 6 would be acceptable.

  1. Base Set 1st Edition Thin Stamp
  2. Base Set 1st Edition Thick Stamp
  3. Base Set 1st Edition Grey Stamp
  4. Base Set Shadowless
  5. Base Set UK 1999-2000
  6. Base Set 2
  7. Legendary Collection Non Holo Theme Deck
  8. Legendary Collection Reverse
  9. 1996 CD Promo Charizard
  10. Lance’s Charizard
  11. 1st Edition Non Holo Dark Charizard
  12. Non Holo Dark Charizard
  13. Blaine’s Charizard Corrected Version
  14. 1st Edition Shining Charizard
  15. Expedition 6/165 Reverse
  16. Expedition 39/165
  17. Expedition 39/165 Reverse
  18. Expedition 40/165 (is the reverse of this the same as the 6/165 card?)
  19. Skyridge Holo
  20. Skyridge Reverse
  21. Ex Dragon World Championship Edition
  22. Crystal Guardians Reverse
  23. Power Keepers Holo
  24. Power Keepers Reverse
  25. Secret Wonders Holo
  26. Secret Wonders Reverse
  27. Charizard G Regular
  28. Arceus Holo (Both holo versions)
  29. Boundaries Crossed Reverse
  30. Legendary Treasures (Both holo versions)
  31. Mega Charizard EX X Flashfire Regular Version
  32. Mega Charizard EX Y Flashfire Regular Version

Long i know :^) But hey, I’m expecting this to take a few years but would like to box of what I can when I can.

Just to let you know lance’s charizard was never printed in English just in case you were looking for it.

Hey bud I know! Appreciate you letting me know, just forgot to say I’m also after some of the ones that were only in JP or ones I’d like to have a copy of e.g. that one and the CD promo one :blush:

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Main thread is updated with all I’m seeking :blush: If you need prices of what I’d pay each card just post what cards you’ve got!

I got base set 2, both mega zards from flashfire and a shadowless zard on the way. All EX-NM. Msg me if you’re interested, i can ship to UK as well


List yet again been updated after I boxed about 6 more off the list, this time crucially with prices. I’ve done this fairly quickly so not sure if anything looks too whacky let me know if their is obvious quarrels with prices!

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300 for the 3 base 1st charizards in nm won’t happen. I bought the grey stamped one for 1000.00 and wouldn’t sell it for 2000. Plus NM non grey stamp ones sell easily from 500 to 800.

Not sure if you noticed but I listed prices in GBP and specified I’d be happy to take them in EX.

Looking for PSA items? Or just raw? :blush:

Looking for them all raw :blush:

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Back from vacation, updated :blush:

Please let me know which ones you need in Japanese, I should have all of them, regardless of the fact I just sold 100+ base zards last week lol.

You’ve sold 100 Base Zards in the past week? Holy moly! What price are you selling them at?

I’m looking for these cards in English only though I’m sorry :slightly_frowning_face: Oh, apart from the Dark Charizard!

Japanese? What did you get for the lot?

You not needing lances zard anymore?

Sold individually.