Fake or real Pokémon packs can’t tell?

Purchased vintage sealed packs don’t know if there real if anyone could help me first purchase with these vintage packs

They’re genuine

Looks legitimate. First pack looks like a pack closer to an earlier print run. Latter packs look like packs closer to the font set you see more on Jungle, Fossil, Base 2, etc.


In case there’s a concern about re-seals: Is the seal free on the edges, as in the non-crimped part is not glued together? You should be able to slip a piece of paper between the wrapper layers up to the crimp.
This indicates if they’ve been re-sealed or not. They look accurate. and I noticed some apparent wear (which is another sign the wrapper at least, is legit.)

Packs look good. Not sure if resealed but they are most likely weighed anyways.