Fake card and PSA?

I found this listing stated as a replica, but it’s graded by PSA. The color looks off to me like it’s been sun bleached. Is this a fake card and fake PSA case?

Card Link

The PSA card looks wrong says Trainer Magazine Vol 1 and this is the wrong card for that lol.

fake, the case is different, i think this card came up earlier in the forum somewhere.

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Here you go :slight_smile:


Any time you get a seller saying fake/replica etc you can safely assume it’s fake lol.

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The description does note that it’s a fake, unsure if that was recently added or not though.

If this replica sells for 550 ima quity my day job and spend my time printing replicas and putting them in psa cases…

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if it’s not %100 genuine, then how many percents is it genuine?

About tree fiddy?

that case looks so disgustingly fake lmao.

If I had the money I’d buy it ask the seller to stick it in his toaster.
Get it off the market ! lol