Fake 1st Shining Charizard and Shining Mewtwo on ebay?!?!

The auction for this on ebay is called: 1st Edition Shining Mewtwo And 1st Edition Shining Charizard, Brand New

The seller is claiming the cards aren’t holo but to my knowledge there is no such thing as non-holo versions of these shining cards correct? I messaged the seller about this and he confirmed that they are not holo and he sent me pictures (couldn’t tell from the pics).

So, does anyone know if there were ever no-holo versions make of these shining cards?:thinking: thanks.

It’s fake…

  1. Relatively new, almost no feedback account.
  2. Really blurry horrible pictures for cards worth 2k+ where conditions matter a lot
  3. No returns in bold
  4. Made another fake account to shill bid on his own account
  5. Claims of something with no proof and clearly just another way to pass off authenticity via the “low budget fake” way.

We’ve already discussed these cards here: www.elitefourum.com/t/ebay-shining-mewtwo-shining-charizard-non-holo/28554/1 and in our eBay garbage thread.