Fair price for NM/M 1st ed wotc (un)commons

I’m looking into grading 1st ed wotc commons and uncommons but I’m not sure what a fair price would be to offer for pack fresh or 9/10 gradeable copies. I would be looking to buy in bulk at least 50-100 at a time. Thanks for any info!

Depends. 1st ed base common is going to be a ton more than fossil.

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Yeah I mean for the non 1st ed base stuff. Everything from jungle to neo destiny. Sorry should have clarified on that. I understand some of the key cards like starters may bring a small premium as well but looking for an overall baseline number.

WHY do you want to do this? Bad idea… Unless it’s for your personal collection and you don’t care about wasting money.

As for pricing, it really depends on the set but since you’re looking for top quality you’re probably looking at around $1 per card.

I would just go ahead and buy already graded ones. Many of them go for around 20 bucks, which is how much you would spend grading a raw card anyway.

I like the uncommons and commons for nostalgia sake, but since there are so many of them out there don’t grade them and hope that they will go up in the future. If you do it, do it because you like them!

If you want PSA 9 worthy 1st Ed. fossil I have around 100 un/commons from packs I opened years ago that went straight to storage

I would guess for pack fresh anywhere from .50c to upwards of $2.00 for some neo uncommons. This is a guess though as I don’t really pay attention to these cards. I’m sure for bulk though you could get a little better rate.

If you can find pack fresh mint 1st ed. wotc bulk then you’re some sort of wizard.

I have a few hundred of first ed rocket, First Ed gym challenge sleeved up. Message if interested. All pack fresh