Excellent-Mint..what?! + Rant

Two rants, actually the first one is more of a question though, perhaps there is a legit reason I am overseeing (?)

  1. What exactly does the PSA grade of 6 mean? Excellent to Mint. Why is Mint included? How could the range possibly be that large, especially when a PSA 7 is “Near Mint” with no mention of Mint. Am I missing something here? Makes no sense to me. It seems like they’re saying yeah its a 6, but somehow it could potentially be viewed as being a 9.

  2. I’m tired of people giving lengthy explanations as to why they’re selling their cards on eBay, Facebook, etc… Common ones are “NEED money to pay bills” “GOTTA sell these quick NEED money” “CAR issues NEED money” “gotta buy my gf/bf a present NEED money” The part that bothers me is how they “need” money, yet just bought a 100+ booster box, or card, or bulk cards, etc. It just frustrates me like these people think someone will actually feel sorry for them because they do not know how manage their finances.

It’s not as bad when it happens on a forum like this because for the most part we all know each other and it would be nice to help someone out who legitimately runs into a pickle. (Like I had to sell some cards a few months ago because I needed new tires on my truck, never mentioned that on eBay when selling them though.) Or it’s understandable if someone says something along the lines of “thought long and hard, but I really just want to save up to buy a house, Im going to sell my whole collection” The “NEED” money NOW thing really pushes my buttons :unamused:

Thanks for the view :blush:


The PSA 6 grade confuses me as well. I believe it is intended as somewhat of a bridge. Not so much the 4, 5 excellent range, but not the 7, 8, 9 mint range either. So sort of… “Ehh, well it isn’t excellent, but not mint either…so somewhere between excellent and mint.”

I hate that stuff too. To me it seems like they’re just trying to get people to pay more out of pity.

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yes, this was discussed years ago and a change to EX/NM was considered but since there were already a couple hundred thousand PSA 6s, and all but the newbies already understood or exclusively went by numbers, nothing was changed.

How do you have all of this inside information on PSA?! Not questioning it, just wondering if there’s a story behind it or anything.

I was a consultant from 1993 till 2000 when I lived down there and then opened 2 stores and have been a dealer ever since.
It’s actually funny really. So many of these questions have been asked over and over for almost 25 years.


I’ve noticed that a lot of people who claim they “NEED money now” overprice their items too. Not all of them do but it’s still really annoying.

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They should add it to the FAQs section :wink:

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