If you were to revolutionise PSA grading...

How would you score the grades? 1-10?

How would you name the grades? Gem Mint - Dirt?

How would you actually decide to grade the cards?

All I would want is a little explanation as to why the card got the grade. Thats it.


The system they have now is pretty good. I wouldn’t change too much.

The 1-10 grading system is universal and easy to understand. The only quirk is the half-point grades (however no 9.5) which I also agree with.

I would change the names of some of the grades to make them clearer. For example, EX-MT 6 is confusing as it seems to span from 5-9 in possible grade assignment. I would rename that to EX-NM. I’d move the ‘Fair’ 1.5 grade up to 2 and eliminate the ‘Good’ 2 grade, as a card in the lower 20% of the grading scale should not be considered ‘Good’ in my opinion. I would also do away with the qualifier system. Its usage is confusing and often arbitrary.

I’m a strong believer in humans grading cards, the subjectivity of a card grade is important, and I think that there would be much more issues with damaged cards if they were graded by robots. However PSA should hire specialists for each type of card. Pokemon experts should grade Pokemon cards, baseball experts should grade baseball cards, etc. I’d also hire more people and pay them more money. You get what you pay for, and more employees/higher pay will lead to fewer problems with grading.


THIS! A small description or dot-points of why the card lost points would be helpful

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Some great ideas above.
One problem is I like the name changes like ex/m but it would confuse the ones already graded.

If I were to rename the grades:

10 Gem Mint
9 Mint
8 Near Mint
7 Excellent
6 Above Average
5 Average
4 Moderate
3 Fair
2 Poor
1 Damaged

Revolutionary Changes:

When getting grades back, I would allow for for 1-2 sentence note from the grader summarizing the grade. Doesn’t have to be too detailed, but would give people a better understanding for why they got a low (or high) grade.

Waterproof and UV protect the cases.

I would slightly tweak the case to allow for zero card movement. Maybe a case specialized for Pokemon.

Love the Uv case idea.
Adding a note for each card would be nice but suddenly your 50 day orders would go over 100 days. It would take more time to generate that note than it did to initially grade it.
Maybe an option to offer that type of service for a 10.00 per card additional fee would be possible.

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They are not :slightly_frowning_face:

Source: www.elitefourum.com/t/are-psa-slabs-100-uv-protected/11878/18


i would love it psa gave a run down of why it got the grade even if its just on the back + psa need to be more consistent other then that i think they do a good job tbh.


PSA 9.5’s that is all… course that will more than likely never happen because they would most likely have to change their whole grading process for 9s and 10s and regrade all 10s for a possible downgrade to 9.5, depending on their grading process. Unless they can find an inbetween for the cards they already graded 10s and possible 9s becoming 9.5s (more realistic option). Fools hope for me.

Edit: oh and UV protection. Id pay more for a recasing in UV protection so we can display our cards with confidence.

There’s a better chance of Scott selling counterfeits than that happening lol.

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So your saying there’s still a chance :grin: … Kidding, we all know that will never happen either. A fool can hope though. I do agree with what others said about a small description for reason for grade, maybe an additional add on feature you want for certain cards?

What others have said, an explanation similar to Beckett as to what they found at fault with the card. Also much faster grading times. I dont care how. Hire more people if need be, promise them great benefits and long term employment then fire them seasonally. No more hyperextended wait times.