ex firered leaf green japanese

Hey guys,

Some guy told me that ex firered leaf green in japanese has
4 different codes at the bottem of the card and
1st edition also have 4 different codes at the bottem of the card,

Do you guys know whats codes they have in caterpie

Thanks for the help


Here is the code on my caterpie card and it is 1st edition as you can see. Code = E46-DV6-ENP


Thank you, i saw a thread but it was an english list, i need japanese but i did have send a message for japanese

Thanks for the help


Thanks for the photo, thats 1 down, 7 to go :blush:


It was indeed @tonysandlin who made the list, but it only included the English (/German/French/Italian/Spanish/etc.) as correctly stated by Robert. I’ve actually send Robert the link to Tony’s list a few weeks back (here is it for anyone else reading this), unfortunately I don’t think a list like this exists for Japanese cards. Perhaps we could try to make them. (I can give you the codes for all four Pikachu codes of the Japanese EX FireRed LeafGreen and EX Sandstorm sets as a start. :wink: PS: EX Emerald only had one code instead of four for the Japanese cards.)


If we could get the project going again, I’d be more than happy to update the list. Unfortunately, I don’t have any japanese ex series cards aside from Voltorb and Electrode.

We would need to find some folks who have complete sets of thelse and hope they are willing to help.

It’s nest to just search for images until you have 4 unique codes. 1st edition and unlimited have the same codes.

Do the codes serve any purpose?

I’ve got some FRLG, I’ll have a look for Caterpie.

No idea to be honest. There is a pattern, but I’m not sure what it means. If you don’t mind letting me know what codes you have for the other cards, that would be great.

Well, here are the codes for Japanese Pikachu cards:

  • EX Sandstorm: 2GP-CL2-D31 / 2GP-CL2-LW1 / 2GP-CL2-N9R / 2GP-CL2-SJ9
  • EX FireRed & LeafGreen: XCQ-FQ0-4NK / XCQ-FQ0-4PY / XCQ-FQ0-6QG / XCQ-FQ0-HTD
  • EX Emerald: 5GD-06A-HD3
    (@tonysandlin Did you also include promos/POP cards? Should we, since only one code is available per?)

@robertocaterpie5 Sorry to kinda hi-jack your thread, but if we can comply a list of Japanese cards we’ll come across the Caterpies as well, and we have a list for all future collectors.

Unfortunately I don’t have any Japanese cards from this era apart from the Pikachus (except for Seviper which are either holo Rares or non-holo Rares, and only have one code).


You can always hi-jack my thread, if u’d like to make a list with help from this thread be my quess :blush: this forum is to help eachother :blush: and its my honour to start the thread,

I will wait patiencely for the caterpie’s: )

Thank you all


Thanks! I don’t think it would hurt to have all the codes. Once I figure out the pattern for Japanese, I can fill in the blanks without needing to see the cards :blush:

Caterpie Japanese FR/LG 1ed



This means they will be the same codes for the unlimited as well. Thanks for that info!

In that case, here are all the other Japanese Pikachu codes:

  • 057/ADV-P: MXY-C58-2PM
  • 112/PCG-P: 0ZF-H78-5GF
  • EX Holon Phantoms 1 (004/015): KKP-B1N-JGF
  • EX Holon Phantoms 2 (041/052): Q0A-F12-TRG
  • EX Holon Phantoms 3 (001/002 - Gold Star): EFA-0M9-ESR
  • 123/PCG-P: VVB-R62-L6B
  • 068/PCG-P (POP2): LN8-J75-PB1
  • 084/PCG-P (POP4): JTJ-J75-9X1
  • 153/PCG-P (POP5 1): GJY-QR9-FJ5
  • 118/PCG-P (POP5 2): CAW-40F-HSX
  • 024/ADV-P: WKW-8TX-6WH
  • 023/ADV-P: DCG-D1U-ZZB
  • 113/PCG-P: 4TD-Q29-YY2

And here are the Japanese Seviper codes:

  • EX Sandstorm: KNW-BD5-2HM
  • EX Team Aqua vs Team Magma: 5P2-5X8-JGF
  • EX Emerald: BPJ-2WO-KJF
  • EX Holon Phantoms: Q71-W1G-JGF
  • 134/PCG-P: A38-L8N-BP6


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