Everyone in the UK?

It seems like everyone in this community is from the Uk except silverishness and myself who are in the US (regrettably lol)>

Just wondering if that’s true. It’s fascinating that every time I talk to someone about something it turns to be in GBP lol. One day I’ll have memorized.

So how bout it? Everyone here from the UK cept us?

Oooh of course Viper.Fox you’d come out from Down Under l3 *loves Australia and all of its dangerous habitats*

I’m from good ol pushy US of A, Texas to be exact.

Really? Whose German? That’d be interesting to know :3

Reina- I like how you named everything non-Asian. It just gave me the giggles is all :3

Not going anywhere with it. Just messing around :3>

I’m always fascinated with people’s locale. For some I’m really impressed how far they get with their collections and whatnot from where they are at (Do they find it online? Local? What?).

It’s just a matter of curiosity and nothing series or demeaning about it.

If you are offended by it- I’m…sorry? I, in no means, mean to offend anyone.

I’m from the UK and probably account for 95% of the posts here, which is what gives that impression :stuck_out_tongue: :slightly_smiling_face:

I knew it! I knew you lurked deep in the forums and rubbed your UK-ness on everything to disguise the nationalities of others! :heart_eyes:

Actually yes I think it was between you and Phil that I came to this…random thought. (I was talking to him on AIM). So of course my brain was like “HEY is it just me, or is everyone on here from the UK?” and suddenly—THIS

I am from Germany, too :wink:

Darkrai and Lotti- I knew you were Lotti from your introduction, but no Darkrai- I had no idea you were til now LOL ~Surprise!

USA- Boston

I’m Canadian, eh? :wink:

BOOOSTOOOON! I think I have a friend there actually :3

Eh? I have to say that I’ve always wanted to go up there, but are you French Canada or the OTHER Canada? XD

I’m in the west, yeehaw! x)

Pourquoi fait chacun croit que nous parlons le français…
Why does everyone think we speak French…

I actually speak very little French…I probably translated the aforementioned sentence incorrectly (chuckles)

Because Quebecers think they are separate from the rest of Canada lol. OH my French is TERRIBLE XD

“Oh French Canada is the only Canada it’s the best Canada in the land…” or however that song goes with the goofy animation XD

Yet another one from Germany :blush:

Representing the USA :blush:

USA! USA! (crowd chant) :blush: I really like the diversity we have on here, almost every continent represented.

No one from Asia or Africa (although one or two of us are from Asian descent, if that counts)

Those were the two I had in mind! Africa might be difficult, I don’t think I have ever shipped to anyone from africa or know anyone who collects or plays from there :confused: