Even bother with Theme Decks?

Are they collectible? Do you buy them? The only reason I’d buy one is my one of my favorite pokemon has one and I’d have it just to have. I know some come with special cards but the rest are just regular.

I don’t play the TCG I am just a collector.

To get the variant cards.

Are they like the special single cards that come with it? Are they kinda like black star promos?

You will not get a black star promo or any ultra rare. The cards you get are cards you can get out of packs

You can get holo variants of normally non-holo cards, and non-holo variants of normally holo cards. For collectors, they don’t have much value. But for new players they can be a great starting point, which are what they are intended for.

I feel there not rare enough accept for some… I only want the Japanese 1st edition Rocket Moltres, and Articuno you just got Forthstar. I did buy the charizard, blastoise, and Venusaur outside of there decks for 280AUD in 1st Edition, and they got Gem mint 10’s.

if those variants are all ur interested in, save ur money and buy the singles.

English releases are only interesting if you care about holo variants for legit master sets. Of course older Japanese decks/half decks are valued because of their feature cards.

One of the Roaring Skies decks has an error Dragonite in it and it was the most interesting thing to come out of an English theme deck in years.


I collect sealed Theme Decks. Just for fun , not for value because most of them will never go up in value.
The only English Decks that have real value are the ones from Base(2), Gym, Neo Destiny, Legendary Collection and Skyridge.

Still searching for that Error Dragonite from Roaring Skies. Does anyone have 1 for sale/trade?


I wish I’d known you needed the error dragonite, @abv150

I sold a handful of them a few months ago. :slightly_frowning_face:

You should create a needs list on a Google Doc and share it with me, since we collect very similar things. :blush:

Do not forget PTCG code card. There are some morons that collect those.


Didn’t even know there was an error :open_mouth: !

*goes to look it up*

I just think I need to collect them to have a real complete sealed collection. Plus they look good all lined up together.


Collect the coins from the decks! There are most often exclusive to the decks, with Ancient Origins having 3 randomly distributed in them. They’re usually cool designs that Japan doesn’t even get lately, like Mega Lucario and Mega Gengar


I only have one, but I have two en route, and I’ll definitely maintain a little sealed collection. I like how they’re sealed, old, relatively rare, compliment the rest of my collection and how they have the artwork that matches the artwork of that era. They’re like mini booster boxes, I’m trying to thing of a good comparison… like someone with a model car collection? I don’t know, I just think they’re cool!

I have a Japanese Neo starter deck (is a starter deck akin to a theme deck?) which goes with my two booster boxes, and I have a English Cold Fusion box and a Skyridge Xatu box on the way, mainly because they look cool!

I think the neo starter deck has a random assortment of cards in it rather than a set list of contents so I guess is slightly different to a theme deck which tend to be focused on 2 types of 'Mon.

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Does anyone also collect the sealed Theme Deck Displays?