English VS cards

So it’s currently 1 AM and I got the wonderful idea that I want my next big addition to my collection to be the English VS set. I know, call me crazy, but it’s something that I have put minimal thought into and figured it would be a spectacular feat. I’ve put in some research (it’s very hard to find content on forums when search queries have to be 3 letters or longer and you are searching “vs” -___- ) and know that only 12 sets were made, 2 of which belong to “SteveP” and “Dpersin” (thanks UPCCC article :grin:) although I do not know if they still have their sets. All that matters though is that 2 of the 12 sets have been confirmed existent and are claimed.

So basically, the point of this thread is me asking for help in finding this beasts. I won’t be in any position to purchase them until earliest beginning of next year, but I assume it’ll take that long to find them anyways. So any help is appreciated. Any contacts you can hook me up with *cough*davidpersin*cough* would be lovely. Any pointers and advice is also appreciated.

Yeah, that’s pretty much all I have to say. Thanks to anyone who can help in any way!

Good luck. At one point I had $5,000 readily available and spent 3 months searching. Nothing.

I have one set I’ve never considered selling and its buried deep in my safe storage but I do know where a second one is. When your ready to actually purchase let me know and ill place a call (she’s in the U.S) to see if there’s any interest in selling.

This all reminds me of something. If me, my wife, and my oldest son were killed in a car wreck at the same time then what would happen to my locker? Us three are the only ones who have access and only one other kid has info on it. I do have a note with details in my belongings but you never know. I pay one year at a time. Boy, would THAT be an amazing segment on Storage Wars;)

Wanna adopt me?


@garyis2000 Would you mind telling me how you got the set? Feel free to PM me if you don’t want everyone knowing :stuck_out_tongue:

The only difference in the sets is the Mantine? Well then my end goal for these cards is a full set with one version of the Mantine and then the other version - why buy a whole 'nother set for just one card? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
(Yes I realize your best bet at getting the cards is to buy a full set)

And don’t go stealing my sales Daniel! I want those cards saved for me - Dpersin doesn’t need anymore cards :stuck_out_tongue:

Those cards came in a big lot which I acquired for cash and trade. I got them from a hige dealer, Steve Gordon, who later became a partner. He’s since passed away but many of you who were around in the beginning may remember him.

And I am shocked by Daniels info on the set differential. I can’t believe I didn’t know that but I guess we all can learn something new. I wonder if there’s a difference in value? It’s almost worth me driving down to California to dig the set out if my locker. And daelums right. Why get two sets? Just get both cards.
I’m fairly certain mine had no copyright dates. Are we saying both set had no dates?

Anyone know of printed info on the error set?

Why drive down here when you can just tell me where it is and I can go for you? I’m already in California ;D

Lol…near Reno?

I live in Reno if that’s what you want to hear to let me in your PokeSafe.

LOL i live in Cali as well ;D i’ll take a glance

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VS cards. What are they worth? I have 2 of them, fire and water energy. Does that sound right? I was wondering about them myself.

I think you have the Japanese version

Japanese VS Cards are a completely different story.

The jpn vs set is a great set too but waaaay more common.

I’ve never seen an English VS Card before 0.o. I have a box of Grass Lightning VS as you know @daelum, but I didn’t know an English version of the cards existed!

I wouldn’t take less than 8000.00 for my set and I’d only do that if I had no other options so that’ll give you an idea of value. My graded jpn vs set though is truly one of my favorites;)

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Oh…that’s quite a set then :stuck_out_tongue:. Sorry, I’m new to collecting, so the prices are gonna astound me for a little haha

I have a complete Japanese VS set with the tyranitar half deck sealed. I would never give up on that set. It also made me look into any other set with the VS symbol, found out the movie decks 5th,6th,7th,8th, and 9th had them. Luckily got them sealed =]