English Jungle Set - Master Misprint Guide

English Jungle (1999) - Master Misprint Error Guide

A 150+ photo guide for all the misprint errors in Base set. Best view on PC. The goal was to include all the significant repeating ink misprints with at least 3 or more known copies. Thank you to everyone whos’ errors and photos contributed to this project! Hopefully this will be a useful resource for everyone to learn, collect, and find more errors! Please leave comments, suggestions, or questions below. Also be sure to check out the Base Set and Fossil lists! (Base Set List) (Fossil List)
~~Created 10/4/2023-10/10/23. Collaboration between @misprintjeff and @JoshsOddCollection

Clefable Prerelease (1) - “Prerelease Stamp Errors” - Inverted or Misaligned Stamp

Clefable stamp 4

Flareon (3) - “Holo Hickey Flareon” - Magenta Printer Hickies - Unlimited Holo

Kangaskhan (5) - “Partial Nonholo Kangaskhan” - Additional White Ink - Unlimited Holo

Pinsir (9) - “Scratch Error Pinsir” - White Layer Obstruction - 1st Edition Holo

Snorlax (11) - “Partial Nonholo Snorlax” - Additional White Ink Stain - Unlimited Holo

Vaporeon (12) - “Green Border Stain Vaporeon” - Additional Gold Ink - Unlimited Holo

Clefable (17) -“Pink Orb Clefable” - Cyan Ink Obstruction - Unlimited Nonholo

Kangaskhan (21) - “Yellow Highlighter Kangaskhan” - Magenta Layer Obstruction - Unlimited Nonholo

Kang Highlighter

Snorlax (27) - “Yellow Highlighter Snorlax” - Magenta Layer Obstruction - Unlimited Nonholo

Butterfree (33) - ““d” Edition Butterfree” - Black Printer Hickey - 1st Edition

Exeggcutor (35) - “Egg Hickey Exeggcutor” - Gold Border Printer Hickey - 1st Edition

Persian (42) - “Apple Tree Persian” - Magenta Printer Hickey - Unlimited

persian apple 2

Persian Apple

Weepinbell (48) - “Yellow Ring Weepinbell” - Cyan Printer Hickey

Bellsprout (49) - “Blue Hickey Bellsprout” - Cyan Printer Hickey - Unlimited

Eevee (51) - " “d” Edition Eevee " - Black Printer Hickey - 1st Edition

Eevee d edition 3

Exeggcute (52) - “Green Dot Exeggcute” - Cyan Printer Hickey - Unlimited

Exeggcute (52) - “Leaky Exeggcute” - Additional Magenta Ink - 1st Edition

Exeggcute (52) - “Gold Stain Exeggcute” - Additional Gold Ink - Unlimited

Jigglypuff (54) - “Blue Branch Jigglypuff” - Missing Yellow Ink Obstruction - Unlimited

Meowth (56) - “Pale Face Meowth” - Missing Yellow Ink Obstruction - Unlimited

Oddish (58) - “Weight Hickey Oddish” - Black Printer Hickey - Unlimited

Oddish closeup 2nd copy

Paras (59) - “Black Obstruction Paras” - Black Layer Obstruction - Unlimited

Pikachu (60) - “Red Chopsticks Pikachu” - Magenta Layer Obstruction - Unlimited

Venonat (63) - “Black Line Venonat” - Black Layer Obstruction (Hair or ink?) - 1st Edition

venonat small line closeup

Special Set Errors:

“Holo Shifts” - Misaligned White Layer - Unlimited Holos

“Screen Holos” - Additional Gold Ink - Unlimited Holos

“Double Star Holos” - Double Stamped Holo Pattern - 1st Edition & Unlimited Holos

“Red Line Rares” - Additional Magenta Ink - 1st Edition Non-holo Rares

Wigglytuff red line 2nd copy

“Pink Stain Backs” - Additional Magenta Ink - 1st Edition Non-holo Rares

“Black Stained Commons” (Rhyhorn/Jigglypuff, Pikachu, Exeggcute) - Additional Black Ink Stain - Unlimited Commons

“Inverted Backs” - Upside down Sheet - Unlimited Holos, Commons, & Uncommons

“No Symbol Errors” - Missing Set Symbol Design Error - Unlimited Holos

Honorable Mentions:

Red Tape Obstruction Snorlax & Pinsir - Retained Obstruction Errors - Unlimited Holos


Wow that double holo wigglytuff is amazing! I had not heard of double holos in jungle before!
Thanks for sharing!!


Even though i try to look away from errors atm these are super interesting! Both looking forward and fearing the fossil one and the possible repeating muk errors i might not be familiar with (which basically is anything outside footsteps-error)


The screen holos and double holos look really cool—didn’t know about either of them before!


Thanks man! I can’t think of any others at the top of my head. I’ll dm you on IG for pictures of that one to add to the list.

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Sure! If you mean sending me photos of footsteps error tho i already have that one! :slight_smile: