EN Character Rare Cards (Trainer Gallery)

Should more Character Rare cards release in the upcoming Scarlet & Violet era, I ported the English versions over to this thread to keep things streamlined for future updates.

General criteria for CHR/CSR

  • Is an alternative artwork of a set card (Pokémon)
  • Uniform card design format in respective era e.g. all CHRs in Sun & Moon or CSR Vs in Sword & Shield have the same holofoil, card layout, and texture distribution (or lack thereof)
    - Rayquaza V/Duraludon V have made an exception for SWSH CSRs as being a special art / CSR hybrid

For Japanese Character Rares, please refer to this thread:
Gallery of all JP Character Rare Cards (CHR & CSR)


Cosmic Eclipse

Pokemon Character Set Number Type
Vileplume GX Erika Cosmic Eclipse 211/236 Ultra Rare
Solgaleo & Lunala GX Lillie Cosmic Eclipse 216/236 Ultra Rare
Reshiram & Zekrom GX N Cosmic Eclipse 222/236 Ultra Rare
Silvally GX Gladion Cosmic Eclipse 227/236 Ultra Rare
Torkoal Flannery Cosmic Eclipse 237/236 Secret Rare
Weavile Cyrus Cosmic Eclipse 238/236 Secret Rare
Piplup Dawn Cosmic Eclipse 239/236 Secret Rare
Wishiwashi Lana Cosmic Eclipse 240/236 Secret Rare
Pikachu Red Cosmic Eclipse 241/236 Secret Rare
Magnemite Lt. Surge Cosmic Eclipse 242/236 Secret Rare
Koffing Roxie Cosmic Eclipse 243/236 Secret Rare
Gallade Wally Cosmic Eclipse 244/236 Secret Rare
Mimikyu Acerola Cosmic Eclipse 245/236 Secret Rare
Excadrill Clay Cosmic Eclipse 246/236 Secret Rare
Steelix Jasmine Cosmic Eclipse 247/236 Secret Rare
Stoutland Cheren Cosmic Eclipse 248/236 Secret Rare

Evolving Skies

Pokemon Character Set Number Type
Duraludon V Raihan Evolving Skies 198/203 Ultra Rare
Rayquaza V Zinnia Evolving Skies 194/203 Ultra Rare

Brilliant Stars

Pokemon Character Set Number Type
Flareon Blue Oak Brilliant Stars TG01/TG30 Holo
Vaporeon Blue Oak Brilliant Stars TG02/TG30 Holo
Octillery Fisher Brilliant Stars TG03/TG30 Holo
Jolteon Blue Oak Brilliant Stars TG04/TG30 Holo
Zekrom N Brilliant Stars TG05/TG30 Holo
Dusknoir Morty Brilliant Stars TG06/TG30 Holo
Dedenne Kali Brilliant Stars TG07/TG30 Holo
Alcremie Café Master Brilliant Stars TG08/TG30 Holo
Ariados Janine Brilliant Stars TG09/TG30 Holo
Houndoom Grimsley Brilliant Stars TG10/TG30 Holo
Eevee Bill Brilliant Stars TG11/TG30 Holo
Oranguru Sina Brilliant Stars TG12/TG30 Holo
Boltund V Sonia Brilliant Stars TG13/TG30 Ultra Rare
Sylveon V Valerie Brilliant Stars TG14/TG30 Ultra Rare
Sylveon VMAX Valerie Brilliant Stars TG15/TG30 Ultra Rare
Mimikyu V Acerola Brilliant Stars TG16/TG30 Ultra Rare
Mimikyu VMAX Acerola Brilliant Stars TG17/TG30 Ultra Rare
Single Strike Urshifu V Gloria Brilliant Stars TG18/TG30 Ultra Rare
Single Strike Urshifu VMAX Gloria Brilliant Stars TG19/TG30 Ultra Rare
Rapid Strike Urshifu V Mustard Brilliant Stars TG20/TG30 Ultra Rare
Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX Mustard Brilliant Stars TG21/TG30 Ultra Rare
Umbreon V Karen Brilliant Stars TG22/TG30 Ultra Rare
Umbreon VMAX Karen Brilliant Stars TG23/TG30 Ultra Rare

Astral Radiance

Pokemon Character Set Number Type
Abomasnow Pryce Astral Radiance TG01/TG30 Holo
Flapple Milo Astral Radiance TG02/TG30 Holo
Kingdra Clair Astral Radiance TG03/TG30 Holo
Frosmoth Melony Astral Radiance TG04/TG30 Holo
Gardevoir Doctor Astral Radiance TG05/TG30 Holo
Wydeer Mai Astral Radiance TG06/TG30 Holo
Falinks Bea Astral Radiance TG07/TG30 Holo
Kleavor Lian Astral Radiance TG08/TG30 Holo
Mightyena Sidney Astral Radiance TG09/TG30 Holo
Galarian Obstagoon Piers Astral Radiance TG10/TG30 Holo
Bronzong Jasmine Astral Radiance TG11/TG30 Holo
Hoothoot Sage Astral Radiance TG12/TG30 Holo
Starmie V Misty Astral Radiance TG13/TG30 Ultra Rare
Ice Rider Calyrex V Peony Astral Radiance TG14/TG30 Ultra Rare
Ice Rider Calyrex VMAX Peony Astral Radiance TG15/TG30 Ultra Rare
Galarian Articuno V Victor Astral Radiance TG16/TG30 Ultra Rare
Shadow Rider Calyrex V Victor Astral Radiance TG17/TG30 Ultra Rare
Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX Victor Astral Radiance TG18/TG30 Ultra Rare
Galarian Zapdos V Sonia Astral Radiance TG19/TG30 Ultra Rare
Galarian Moltres V Gloria Astral Radiance TG20/TG30 Ultra Rare
Zacian V Hop Astral Radiance TG21/TG30 Ultra Rare
Zamazenta V Hop Astral Radiance TG22/TG30 Ultra Rare
Garchomp V Cynthia Astral Radiance TG23/TG30 Ultra Rare

Lost Origin

Pokemon Character Set Number Type
Parasect Ginkgo Guild Merchant Lost Origin TG01/TG30 Holo
Roserade Gardenia Lost Origin TG02/TG30 Holo
Charizard Leon Lost Origin TG03/TG30 Holo
Chandelure Shauntal Lost Origin TG04/TG30 Holo
Pikachu Akari Lost Origin TG05/TG30 Holo
Gengar Miss Fortune Sisters Lost Origin TG06/TG30 Holo
Banette Phoebe Lost Origin TG07/TG30 Holo
Hisuian Arcanine Rei Lost Origin TG08/TG30 Holo
Spiritomb Vessa Lost Origin TG09/TG30 Holo
Snorlax Kamado Lost Origin TG10/TG30 Holo
Castform Cheren Lost Origin TG11/TG30 Holo
Orbeetle V Bugsy Lost Origin TG12/TG30 Ultra Rare
Orbeetle VMAX Bugsy Lost Origin TG13/TG30 Ultra Rare
Centiskorch V Kabu Lost Origin TG14/TG30 Ultra Rare
Centoskorch VMAX Kabu Lost Origin TG15/TG30 Ultra Rare
Pikachu V Red Lost Origin TG16/TG30 Ultra Rare
Pikachu VMAX Red Lost Origin TG17/TG30 Ultra Rare
Enamorus V Cogita Lost Origin TG18/TG30 Ultra Rare
Gallade V Beni Lost Origin TG19/TG30 Ultra Rare
Crobat V Silver Lost Origin TG20/TG30 Ultra Rare
Eternatus V Rose Lost Origin TG21/TG30 Ultra Rare
Eternatus VMAX Rose Lost Origin TG22/TG30 Ultra Rare

Silver Tempest

Pokemon Character Set Number Type
Braixen Serena Silver Tempest TG01/TG30 Holo
Milotic Wallace Silver Tempest TG02/TG30 Holo
Flaaffy Elesa Silver Tempest TG03/TG30 Holo
Jynx Will Silver Tempest TG04/TG30 Holo
Gardevoir Diantha Silver Tempest TG05/TG30 Holo
Malamar Xerosic Silver Tempest TG06/TG30 Holo
Rockruff Prof. Kukui Silver Tempest TG07/TG30 Holo
Passimian Karate King Silver Tempest TG08/TG30 Holo
Druddigon Ace Trainer Silver Tempest TG09/TG30 Holo
Smeargle Artist William Silver Tempest TG10/TG30 Holo
Altaria Lisia Silver Tempest TG11/TG30 Holo
Kricketune V Bug Catcher Boy Silver Tempest TG12/TG30 Ultra Rare
Serperior V Rosa Silver Tempest TG13/TG30 Ultra Rare
Blaziken V May Silver Tempest TG14/TG30 Ultra Rare
Blaziken VMAX May Silver Tempest TG15/TG30 Ultra Rare
Zeraora V Selene Silver Tempest TG16/TG30 Ultra Rare
Mawile V Bede Silver Tempest TG17/TG30 Ultra Rare
Corviknight V Cabbie Silver Tempest TG18/TG30 Ultra Rare
Corviknight VMAX Cabbie Silver Tempest TG19/TG30 Ultra Rare
Rayquaza VMAX Zinnia Silver Tempest TG20/TG30 Ultra Rare
Duraludon VMAX Raihan Silver Tempest TG21/TG30 Ultra Rare
Blissey V Pokémon Center Lady Silver Tempest TG22/TG30 Ultra Rare

Crown Zenith Premium Playmat Collection

Pokemon Character Set Number Type
Morpeko V-UNION Marnie Crown Zenith Premium Playmat Collection SWSH288 Promo**

** This promo exists as both a jumbo and 4 standard TCG cards

Other Character Cards

Pokemon Character Release Number Type
Vileplume GX Erika Cosmic Eclipse 4/236 Ultra Rare
Solgaleo & Lunala GX Lillie Cosmic Eclipse 75/236 Ultra Rare
Reshiram & Zekrom GX N Cosmic Eclipse 157/236 Ultra Rare
Silvally GX Gladion Cosmic Eclipse 184/236 Ultra Rare
Lance’s Charizard V Lance Celebrations SWSH133 Promo

Updated with Silver Tempest Trainer Gallery :coffee:


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