Emotional support gengar

Maybe they are being honest, but thought I’d share anyway.

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99% chance it’s bs. There’s no focus lost by owning a Pokémon card, if there was my schedule would be out of wack or Pokémon protective services would have locked me up for neglect long ago.


$100 he’s going to re-list it. Negative feedback would be in order if he does.

Edit: Disregard my comment. I thought you were the buyer.

I think maybe it’s possible that they use “focus” in this case as putting their money towards the vet visit cost instead of the card? Anyways, it’s still pretty weird.

Yah, if he is being honest I think he meant to say the vet is going to cost too much. If you can’t afford a card if an emergency comes up you prob shouldn’t be buying it lol.

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It’s clearly the intent, I just like to poke fun. like mart said, if an emergency comes up that you can’t afford this card your real issue is that you’re buying the card in the first place instead of being responsible. Probably shouldn’t have the cat either. The reason people don’t like canceled order is because they only come from the irresponsible individuals. Nobody who has their life together and does the right thing buys beyond their means, accidently has a kid capable of accessing their finances, or misclicks twice and accidently hits buy it now and confirm. Yet those are the most common excuses I get.

I have more respect to the individual who says, “Hey, I bought this but I have regret now. Can you please cancel?” because at least that person takes responsibility for their actions instead of making excuses to act like they have everything together. I still don’t cancel and will block them, but I have more respect for them.