Egs grading

Does ny of you have experience with egs grading?
It’s a german grading service and is a lot easier for european graders like me.
I’m not really eager to give up grading with psa but just wanted to know if any of you guys know more about there grading service. (this is their site for people who don’t know them)

Thanks a lot in advance!

Never heard of them before. Cases look okay but those decimal grades 9+ going 0.1 per step is really not gonna work. Nobody wants a 9.4 or a 9.9.

I didn’t see a translate button on the website itself wich might deter people from using the service. I was on mobile though so maybe the normal version of the page does have a translate button. Vast majority of Europeans doesn’t speak German after all. So regardless of wether they are reliable or not, it will limit their audience. (I personally know some basic German but nowhere near enough to understand all what’s written down there.

It has a translate feature by Google. And my history of Google Translate and the German language is terrible at best :grin:
I’ve dug deeper, and they’re charging € 19,00 per card for grading!

first time I hear about them and german is my native language xD
anyway, they seem to grade everything (comic books, games, trading cards, etc.) so I don’t know about that, I prefer specialized graders rather than a Jack of all trades. The scale they use is also interesting, 10 is a Gem MINT, 9.9 is MINT and 9.8 is NM/MT. They charge 19€ per card, which is more expensive than PSA.
Personally I would never grade outside of PSA or Beckett. This might change in the future but these two companies are unmatched as of now.

A 9.9? More like a nein.nein. Beckett and PSA work because they are known to and trusted by a large audience. Anything that limits exposure will adversely affect value and credibility. I speak German so that’s definitely not the inherent problem here, but I really think English is the best language for any kind of globally recognizable grading service. Having never even heard of EGS only further makes my point.

I saw a card graded by them before, wondered what it was and checked out their site, but apart from that I haven’t heard anything about them.

It’s quite pricey compared to Ludkins too. The only advantage I can see to grade with them would be a quick turnaround, it seems to be just 20 days.

Then again, in my honest opinion it’s not worth everything else you would give up. You would be moving away from the established norm of the hobby, which would inherently hurt value and desirability of your cards. And on top of that, paying nearly twice the price per card (assuming you grade a decent amount of cards per submission).

Besides having to wait a while, I find grading with Ludkins very comfortable and easy as a European myself. They really do take care of everything, and knowing they are officially licensed by PSA just puts all my worries at ease in case something would go wrong.