Eevee Scramble on Mercari

For only having 100 copies ever printed, it seems odd that 3 copies popped up today on Mercari. I have only seen 1 copy pop up the past 3 years that may have sold for $18k (unconfirmed). Let me get this out of the way - I am not buying a $10k-$20k unauthenticated card from a 3rd party website.

I can’t make heads or tails if any of these listings are legit. Decent feedback, however the one seller has 2 different listings, 1 for 1 copy and 1 for 2 copies. Also, the colors seem off between the 2 sellers, could just be a lighting thing. What are your thoughts?

This one seems legit since it is sealed with most likey #17 and #18 in the set
These next 2 seems suspicious. The color is off

Wow, this is shocking. It may be that the first listing brought some others out of the woodwork. But with 100 copies printed, 3 new listings seems off.

Original looks much better…

Ageed, the color on 2 of the listings looks way darker.

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There is more depth in the colors…