Eevee GET for my 21st? Yes please! Also PriceGuide

Woo! I won the GET Eevee from Y!J today. Not as cheap as I wanted it and I’m not 100% on the condition but I’ve wanted it for ages…it’s my 21st tomorrow so I thought “go for it!” as a present to myself haha (Along with my kindle! :stuck_out_tongue: )

Anyway…I want to expan my site (I am also making another) but I’m unsure what to put on there. Suggestions have been making a price guide for cards. Other sites have plenty of information on the cards themselves , so i don’t wish to compete against the likes of collectorviper. Would anyone be interested in helping complicate a price guide?

Whilst im here i might as well ask, any one got any good ideas of things my new site could be on - to help pull traffic? I was originally thinking pure blogging, but I’m unsure on the audience of this…


@basilikus1990 - I’d love to help you collocate a price guide :slight_smile:

P.S. - Congratulations in obtaining Fan Club Eevee!

Congrats on the Eevee! Wow, a few have been picking one up recently, good going UPCCC gang!

As for a price guide, by all means give it a shot. However, for it to be current, it’ll take an awful lot of effort - I would say nearly impossible.

You can give it a shot though

I still need to get mine!! I’m jealous…happy belated birthday though!

Okay, I will look into the priceguide. As long as there are dates I think it will still be a useful guide.

@ Shpunto Not belated, It’s today! Thanks!

Woooo! Happy birthday!!!

Thank you :blush:

I need the Porygon and Eevee GET!

I need both of them… :slightly_frowning_face: *too broke*