Ebay warning - Possible shilling active

Hey guys,

I am almost certain I am being shilled from seller “www_tonsofcardsandmore_com”
Now I know it is a business which is why I am scratching my head. But I have just been up bid again and the card that stands out is the excellent 1st Ed Fossil Moltres for $15.50us. I mean you can buy a NM for way less. And silly me bid up to that point not price checking. Has anyone had runnings with this seller or had suspicions? Maybe its just another bid crazy buyer like me.

I found the listing here; pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=161910377647&globalID=EBAY-AU

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The suspected shiller only has 12% bid history with the seller.

Soemtimes crazy things happen on the 'Bay. I have sent items to auction before while still having plenty of stock available in my store as BIN. Proceed to watch the auction go to $30 when the BIN is $20… and then the buyer pays! Happy feedback two weeks later. I’ll never understand people.

Could just be a case of two people not price checking and wanting a specific card.

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On my end, it says he has 52% bid activity with the seller.

Edit: Nvm, OP is the one winning, right?

tonsofcardsandmore would never shill bid - they are like troll and toad they aint got no time for that, if you want buy from their website the Moltres is $13 here is a code for a free holo as well - WM22FH


Well, it’s hard to say for sure. The guy has bid on 273 items in the past 30 days, withh 12% of those being with this seller… But shill bids usually come from accounts with little to no feedback and will sometimes have several bid retractions. The “shiller” has over 200 feedback, so it isn’t likely that he’s shill bidding. Maybe he didn’t price check, or is one of those people that don’t like losing auctions and is trying his best to win.

ROFL, why is this making me laugh so much!

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Lol just sounds like such a bro; when saying ‘on the bay!’ gosh I love it! i’m going to start using it now. Ebay is now the bay. Thanks brah!


Right. Spot on. Never realized that websites don’t appear unless offset by quotes. I’m going to edit the OP to clear up any confusion.

This thread was cleaned to help it stay on track. Post missing? That would be why.

Continue! :blush:

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Well it looks like this bidder has more fever for winning cards from this seller haha. Outbid for way too much on multiple items now.

Oh and I am the one with 200+ feedback haha. The one with 33 feedback is the potential shiller. And yeah why would such a bid company shill. Probably nothing. Can never be too sure…

Oh, so I was right the first time lol. I thought I was wrong after reading the posts a second time. Yeah, 52% bid rate is pretty high. But like you said, when it comes to bigger stores like this, it’s harder to tell if it’s an employee that’s shill bidding or if it’s just some random buyer who likes overbidding.

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273 bids in 30 days. Shoot don’t tell my wife!


P.s I may have another ebay warning of an on going seller… Ugh