eBay Seller Cancelled My Order

This is the first time I’ve seen this and I don’t know how to proceed and feel pretty frustrated. If anyone can give some advice on how I can leave negative feedback and contact eBay to change the cancellation reasoning I would be really grateful.

I bought a fairly expensive model kit on ebay after the seller (Japanese) posted a pretty big discount. He had 44 positive reviews and no negative with a hundred or so current listings. He almost immediately contacts me asking if I’m ok with not receiving the item by Christmas to which I said I didn’t care.
A day or so later, he sends me a message stating:“Hello.
I’m sorry, but I’d like to cancel it.
I accidentally stepped on the box while preparing for shipment and the box and contents were damaged.
I looked for a replacement, but I couldn’t find it and I can’t send it.
I’m sorry we couldn’t meet your expectation even though you were looking forward to it.
Please accept the cancellation.”
I don’t believe this was real and he unilaterally cancelled the transaction with the follow up automated ebay message stating:
" The seller canceled this order due to the following reason: Buyer asked to cancel the item(s) in this order.
They sent a refund to your original payment method. "
I did not request a cancellation or authorize one.
I can’t seem to get ebay live chat to work or see any option on the sale history to open a ticket of any kind. I also cannot seem to leave negative feedback. I read since he chose the option that the Buyer cancelled the order, that it locks any negative feedback and the seller doesn’t get the normal hit on their account for failing to deliver items. I feel like he had a case of seller’s remorse as the listing was at or below other minimum prices for this kit or he couldn’t get some drop shipping to work within the shipping time frame.
Is there anything I can do to leave a negative review and get eBay to change the cancellation request reasoning so he doesn’t put this on my account?

You won’t be getting the item, unfortunately, but it seems you realize that.

The cancellation request doesn’t have any negative effect on your account.

You can leave the negative feedback by going to the following page:


and searching for the “Leave Feedback for a Member or Transaction” link


Not much you can do there to be honest. Once you accept the refund, everything is set in stone. (this is if you have accepted the refund).
It is weird that the guy sent you a message saying HE stepped and wanted to cancel the order, but ‘officially’ hes saying YOU’RE the one wanting to cancel. I understand your frustration but I think ebay has a system preventing sellers getting bad reviews from cancelled orders from the sellers side. (edit: this is wrong)
I had to cancel an order once because the item was damaged and returned to me. I contacted the buyer and gave a full refund with an explanation as to why. Haven’t gotten a review nor a bad one from the buyer.
It happens from time to time.

My advice is not to be too bitter.

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@kaminoikari , that’s the odd thing. I didn’t accept the refund. Paypal sent me an email too saying it had already been refunded and would go back to my card in the next day or so, there was no action on my side. I’ll probably get it from another seller that has a fairly similar price but longer shipping time. It’s just pretty frustrating to see this kind of behavior for the first time.
Edit: Just kidding, next item available is $100 higher :sob:

Definitely a dropshipper. Similar situation happened to me recently. Here was my message


The product you ordered was stored at my father’s house.

I went to pick up a product today and I couldn’t find it anywhere in the house.

It’s been left there for a long time, so my father thinks it’s a waste and throws it away.

I’m very sorry to have been looking forward to it.

We will cancel the order and get a full refund.

Best regards

They also cancelled under “buyer asked for a cancellation” but I was able to leach feedback.

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@pkmnflyingmaster, I was just able to leave feedback using the link Kami put in there though I was not able to leave feedback when I tried to use the normal interface. I think it was most likely drop shipping too since most of the orders are up for pre-orders and he might have thought the japan ones were available and not shipping in ~April. Thanks everyone for your help!