eBay resolution help

Ok so I received a damaged card and won the case. eBay gave me the address to ship back but the guy says he lives in another city of the state and his sending address on the envelope says that he is telling the truth. What should I do?

I think you’re going to have to call eBay for this one to make sure it’s okay for you to send to the other address. :confused:

Good luck in this!

The return address must be the same on his ebay account under “return address” Make sure you have delivery confirmation as well to prove that you have sent it or the seller can also do an appeal on your claim stating that you never sent it hence taking money out of your paypal and giving it back to him.

If the card wasn’t too expensive and your communication with the seller has been amiable then I’d just ship it to his new address. He may have moved and not updated his account info.
If the card was expensive and the sellers a prick then call eBay for advice.