eBay Bucks / flash deals and sales megathread

I see them pop up from time to time, but they have never really been kept in one location that I am aware of. This thread will be for any general flash sales you find or rewards specials, especially eBay bucks which seem to come around fairly frequently. I know there are sometimes $10 off $50+ spent, 2,4,6,8% eBay bucks bonus instead of the base 1% and various other incentives they give. These are great to take advantage of to buy that one item that the seller won’t meet your best offer on, or to grab some supplies you need on a recurring basis at a lower price point.

For anyone unaware, eBay has an “eBay bucks” rewards program which offers 1% cash back no strings attached on most of your purchases. It does have a few category/item restrictions. See details here. You earn eBay bucks as you buy throughout the year, and each quarter you get a certificate for the eBay bucks accrued over the previous 3 months. My typical eBay bucks certificate is $100-$300 so it can be substantial for large volume eBayers. You have 1 month to spend it from when you receive it and can spend it on anything on eBay. It is a great way to recoup 1%+ off things you would be buying anyways.

I always keep some recurring buys like shipping supplies, toner, things of that nature in my cart for when things like this come up, so when I know about them, I rarely miss taking advantage. May as well save 4,6,8,10% off what you are buying anyways and just stock up when it is on sale.


Here is the first deal that is current that sparked me to create this thread. 6% eBay bucks instead of the base 1% on qualifying items, 8% eBay bucks on $25+ and 10% eBay bucks on $50+. Expires March 31st 11:59 Pacific time. $100 limit per transaction as I believe has always been the maximum eBay bucks earn limit per transaction.

Please note again that this is not a discount off your purchase price at checkout, but a reward that you get. So for a $50 purchase you still pay $50, but you get $5 eBay bucks that will go on to your next eBay bucks certificate. We are actually near the end of the first quarter of 2017, so these bucks will come back very quickly.

Also note that this something you have to be enrolled in first, it won’t just happen on its own. You also need to activate the offer before you win the auction, or add the BIN to your cart. At checkout be sure to look for the eBay bucks section and ensure they are properly calculated. Sometimes I have needed to pause and refresh a time or two to get the appropriate amount to calculate.


Everyone’s eBay bucks is different. They strategically time it when they give you a higher percentage. For me it’s always a day or 2 after I spend a lot of money and sure enough I will get an email saying I can get up to 10%.

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Hmm I never got any ebay bucks when i Bought a bunch of WOTC sealed boxes for big bucks, would of been nice to get close to 10% back I could of boughten a card or two.

eBay Buck is very tricky with the timing. You have to know ahead of time what you want to buy. It works best when there is a hot deal just posted and you have the offer in your account.

So are you saying this deal isn’t valid for you right now?

AFAIK some of them are specialized though most of them are general. I am such a high volume buyer regardless of eBay bucks or not, so I don’t get too many of the specialized ones at all. I have a few other local buddies who I always shoot a text to and vice-versa when we see deals like this one I posted earlier. They all confirm that they got this one today too. Anyone not getting this that is enrolled in eBay bucks and hasn’t hit the limit of $500 for the quarter?

If it ends up that most are specialized, I guess this thread won’t be all too useful.

That is where I mentioned that I always keep a few things in my cart at all times. E.g. I buy all my toner on eBay. I buy all my shipping labels and padded envelopes there also as there is nowhere local that comes anywhere near the price. I keep them in my cart and even if I don’t really need them at the time of the eBay bucks offer, they won’t go bad or anything and I know I’ll need them eventually so I just stock up with a 10% reimbursement which is nice.

Pretty sure that’s a general one available to most (can never say all with eBay offers). I got the offer on my account and my ladies account.

I have the 10% on 1 account but the gfs account doesn’t. I rarely get deals on that account.

One for Aussies!


Nice haven’t seen that one also for Aussies there is 5% off with C5AU but OZ’s is better unless you are spending over $200

Hey oz cheers for the post, do you have a link to the T&Cs, cant seem to find it on ebay.au

I hate eBay Europe for not having all these amazing coupons and the eBay reward system…

Cheers, sweet it works on international purchases, unless i read wrong

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8% eBay bucks on all eligible items, no minimum purchase.
Through Apr 21, 2017 11:59 PM PDT

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Thanks. Buy buy buy!!

$15 off $75. Booster box time!


Ends at 6PM PT 4-26-17


Great timing as I have been needing to restock on bubble mailers. Thanks @scratchdesk!


Glad to see a thread like this exist. I wish someone would have told me about this program earlier. I barely discovered Ebay bucks in January 2017. But I buy a lot of stuff as well so it would have been nice to accrue a little bonus with my purchases in the past. This program is definitely meant for a collector.

I just noticed the $15 off $75 but there isn’t anything I immediately need right now. I’m waiting on an 8% - 10% so I can buy a crap ton of stamps and get rewarded for it!