E4 Christmas Charity Drive

Hi Folks,

I may not be the ideal person to suggest or implement this idea, but I thought it would be cool if we banded together as a community to support a charity each Christmas. My thought was we could collectively choose a kids charity each year (Toys for Tots, Operation Christmas Child, Make-A-Wish Foundation, etc.), and then appoint a reputable member to act as a treasurer to collect donations and/or dedicate a thread to posting pictures of the toys/items donated by our members.

Anyway, it’s just an idea, but if people are interested, I’d definitely be willing to donate some money/resources to a good cause. It might be a fun new tradition for E4 with the potential to grow into something really impactful to others. Would anyone be interested in something like this?


I would totally participate in this!

Pretty sure we need @smpratte to sign off on such a thing, but I’m not against it.

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I’m also liking this idea. Will be following.

I like the idea of this as well. Maybe we can create a partnership with @leonhart and @smpratte as that would help with visibility about the event.

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Naturally, this would be at the sole discretion of Scott, if it proceeds.

Pm me the details and specific charity you have in mind. I’m currently busy with family stuff for the next few days but can sort it out when I’m free. I like the general idea btw! :blush:


I’ll put together an outline of ideas and try to make it as straightforward as possible for you.

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LOVE this idea.

“The Great E4 Charity Drive For Kids”

I’d be fine with doing the collecting and leg work if approved by Scott and the participating members.

I only have one question. Why didn’t we think of this sooner? Well done @butchdawg32,


Right now, I’m leaning towards a group crowdfunding option through the “Toys for Tots” website. Basically, we can set-up an “E4 Donation Page” on their website and anyone who clicks the link can donate directly, and it will automatically keep track of our group total. Of course, people could also pick-up some toys and donate to their local “Toys for Tots” as well.

Thanks for supporting the idea everyone!

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Maybe the Make A Wish foundation would be cool. They could send a kid/s to Pokémon Worlds:)

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Sign me up! Was working the same kind of thing of giving something or doing something for someone with my little one every Christmas and Thanksgiving. I’ll watch this thread, great idea.

I actually had this wish come true in 2014, with Make A Wish.

It was a wonderful experience for the whole family. If you want I can write something to describe everything.


I would like to hear your experiences. If I would support a charity going forward, I would want it to be something like a Make-A-Wish Foundation to send a kid to Worlds. It’s always an experience thats unparallel to everything else you can do in the Pokemon community. You can send a booster box to kids all day, but nothing compares to Worlds.

You’re so right! Experiences bring so much more joy and last so much longer in memory than material things.

I’m happy to share my experiences. It’ll be fun to look at pictures and messages I wrote in the past. I try to finish it this week!

I just want to state this already, I certainly don’t want to “brag” or anything like that. I just want to share the joy that I’ve experienced, and hope that it might help giving joy to others.

No matter what charity is chosen, I certainly will support it! Everyone: please, don’t feel yourself forced to go with Make A Wish if this plan comes together.


I love this idea, but I don’t think the Make A Wish Foundation allows donors to decide what wishes their donates funds are used for. I’ll look into it more . . . how cool would it be though, to get a kid an opportunity to not only attend World’s but also get to meet members of our community and be our E4 guest of honor!

I think we would all love to hear about your experience! Please provide as many details and pictures as you can!