Dots on card corners?

I’ve noticed some cards have dots on the corners, what are they?

Interesting. I’ve never seen dots like that on any of my cards. Is it possible they were added with a felt-tip pen? And you say that you’ve noticed these on some cards (plural). Which others?

The dots look wonky to me? Surely not real? Hmm.

Wonky??? WTH is that lol.

Sorry i’m from the UK lol. ;D

We use “wonky” in Canada too :blush:

Just looks like someone put dots on with a felt tip marker to me.

I live in the US and I use the word wonky… Didn’t know what it means…

Is that like Willie Wonky;)

I’ve seen them throughout Y!J throughout a year or so.

LOL yes Gary… When will you give me the golden ticket to come see you as Gary Wonky and the Pokemon Factory for halloween?

Maybe a defect on some CD promos? They were printed to death.

Any time you get to Vegas I’d love to meet with you. No ticket needed;)

Unlikely. I seriously doubt Media Factory (unlike the notoriously sloppy WOTC) would have let such an egregious defect escape into the wild. Also, if you zoom in on that card, it becomes clear that the two dots are not perfectly round or even the same size as each other. Those marks were almost certainly made by felt-tip marker. Maybe it was the way some kid cataloged his or her cards.

It’s stuff like this that make me laugh whenever I hear about WOTC’s “error” cards. Only the greedy sloths who run WOTC would think of passing off their blatant mistakes as “collectibles” rather than ensure the errors were never released in the first place. They treated Pokemon collectors as fools.

As a publisher, I’m no stranger to printing and spelling errors unfortunately making their ways into books. When it happens, though, we don’t find people saying, “Ooooh, look! A rare “error” book! It must be worth a LOT more than the edition in which the words are spelled correctly!” ;D

I understand there is a quality difference between WOTC cards and Media Factory cards, and you will never find me arguing about that. But keep in mind that there is still a group of people with an affinity for the old WOTC cards. The hostility here is a lot sharper than I’ve seen it in the past to the point that I’m actually feeling slightly offended. I’m sure it is just me, but maybe keep in mind that some of us grew up with those cards. And there will be plenty of people in private where you can discuss Pokelitism and the flaws of the WOTC era, but for all of its dents and scratches, the machine as a whole was what drove much of my childhood.

Dang dude…VERY well said…and you are absolutely right;)

Wow. I’ve never before been called an elitist for expressing a widely held opinion that printing errors (in books, on cards, or wherever) should be viewed as careless mistakes rather than valued prizes. :open_mouth:

Which one of us is absolutely right? Because I honestly don’t understand why my distaste for sloppy production values should offend anybody.

I’m not looking to fight or argue, nor was I looking to hurt feelings, as is obviously the case given your indignant response. It being widely felt and known, what purpose does constantly bringing it up actually serve? I mean, if everyone already feels the sentiment like you suggest, than taking every opportunity to mention it doesn’t actually change anyone’s opinions, right?

All I was asking for was a little more consideration or tact for the childhood icon. Simply “Media Factory wouldn’t have allowed the passage of such an error” would have sufficed.

I respect you and am in no way ragging on you or trying to cause drama or issues.

Everyone who has had experience with both English and Japanese cards knows the quality difference. It doesn’t need to be be explained, but stating can be necessary when trying to form a proper comment.

However, I do agree with funmonkey that your statement japanime did come off as a bit “Pokelitist.” I do feel that there is a strong almost elitist feeling of Japanese collectors towards English cards, particularly WoTC. I am fine with people pointing it out, as I hate the fact too, even though I collect English cards. However, it does get to a point when you are being overbearing in your criticism. Japanime, your earlier statement came off pretty strong, but it’s not just you. Over on the Gym I see this a lot.

Japanese-favoring collectors tend to get a bit carried away with their criticism, and it gets to a point where us English collectors/players/etc. feel mocked by it.