Does your friends in real life knows you are a collector?

Of course for those who are on social media with real name and photos this answer is obvious.

My family knows that I collect cards because often they pick up the envelope out of the mailbox for me. Very few people I know in real life know that I collect Pokemon for safe reason.

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Yes, I came out a long time ago. :blush:


A lot of people in my circle know, but there are very little people who know to what extent I collect and what kind of value my collection is.


Yes, sometimes it is the very first thing my friends say when they introduce me to someone lmao.




My friends are also collectors, 9000 IQ



Definitely. I was most likely wearing a Pokemon shirt when I met them.


My family collects, and my friends also collect. It’s a fun common thing we share and I’m grateful for it. I’m just a little further down the rabbit hole than they are.


My friends and family know I collect and they know a few cards in my collection, but they don’t know the full extent since none of them collect and they wouldn’t fully understand it anyway.

My wife of 27 years doesn’t know. She just thinks we have been poor all this time.


Everybody knows about it.

Ironically the people I know IRL that play the games aren’t interested in the cards

My friends are not interested in Pokemon so we don’t really talk about it.

Most people know that I buy and sell, but not everybody knows that I collect stuff for myself too. My closer friends do but not everyone

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Yeah all of them know.


It’s hard to keep a secret when you keep showing up on TV. :rofl:

Oh, and happy birthday! :grin:

My friends know I collect cards. At work or conferences, if we are doing an ice breaker like two truths and a lie, I usually use “I collect Pokémon cards” as one of my truths. I also have a tattoo of squirtle which is a good conversation starter.

most of my online friends do, no one outside of that would care so I don’t bring it up

Had a friend jackhammer a safe into concrete. He asked me what it was for so showed him some cards. Turns out he stood in line for 6 hours at the Pokemon Center in London on opening day. We’ve been friends for 5+ years and never knew, glad we do now.