Does PSA Give Higher grades/ Favour if claimed over 100US?

Hi Im getting a fair few gold stars I paid a ton for graded at some point soon, and Just wondering if PSA does give low grades if you claim them under what you paid for. Obviously people can get them lower than 100US, but not likely in this condition. Sooo! Yeah, was wondering if they may favour the cards you pay alot more to grade for, since i hear it cost more claiming them over 100US.

I think it would be silly for them and not likely, but I thought I’d ask.


Lol a bit of a retarded question I know. I just don’t want them giving me shit grades because I lied to them about how much I paid for them lol. Meaning - I claim them under 100US.

The legal answer you’d get from PSA is no. They grade all cards the same.

However, the collectors base will scrutinize a PSA grade on higher value cards.

So, what often ends up happening is PSA is even stricter on cards with a higher value because the grade will be seen by more collectors.

Conspiracy Theory time: When it comes to lesser known collectibles (such as Pokemon) PSA is naturally not as knowledgeable on our rare cards. So if you submit a high value card using a low value submission service with a low claimed value for the card, there’s a chance they’ll grade it a lot easier than if you submitted it at a higher, more realistic value.

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I was under the impression that the grader wasn’t given value/designation/name etc of the card when they are grading it, because their sole job is to grade the card and not worry about anything else. If this is the case then it’s a good thing because a grader should be paying the same amount of attention to all the cards they grade. No matter if it’s worth 1 dollar or 1 million dollars.

I was under this impression to, and now that Daelum has brought some shit to light, im going to have to really think of what to do with my 4 Gold stars. I am pretty paradnoid, so Im going to probably claim them under 100US. I submitted a Gem minty fresh LP Promo that I was sure would be a 10, but it got a 9. I claimed the lugia for 500US, and I thought it might have got a 9 because of slightly off centered but now I’m not sure.

Thankyou this is more of the answer or conspiracy I was looking for. One other thing… Do they insure it for the price you submit for, like if they damage it or whatever?

I personally think the “$XXX declared value” is about insurance of the card, not so much how much time they give to it.

Of course, I could be completely wrong, maybe @garyis2000 can explain the function of declared values a little better?


Declared value is how much you personally value the card at. It makes it easier for them in cases where they have to give you a refund/voucher incase they damage or lose your cards. Otherwise, you can write whatever and they don’t seem to care what value you put.

I thought it might be the case.

ohh man Ima don’t know what Im gonna do exactly… What do you think/ what do you do and experiences @garyis2000

Value them at 100 bucks so you can use the lower cost service.

Hmmm… is that what you would do? AND everybody who feels like telling me what they would do, it will really help with the final decision.

This is what I would do and have done with all my cards. Now, if I were to say send in a 2000 dollar trophy card I’d probably be valuing it a bit more than 100 dollars. But for the Japanese Gold Stars I assume you are sending that you paid 350 for or whatever, then I don’t see the harm in undervaluing them to get the cheaper service. PSA don’t offer a less reliable and less efficient service just because you are on a cheaper option, and as others have said the valuation is more for insurance purposes for payouts.

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Don’t give the graders too much credit. They seriously couldn’t care less what the card is, what value, or what time frame.


Okay so I suppose I’ll wait to see how great condition these cards are, and if there really awesome I Might do the insurance thing because there has been quite a fair few complaints on here as psa 4’s and damaging peoples cards nd shit. Will see. Thanks all.

When it comes to what is factual about PSA grading, declare your card values accurately solely for protection when it comes to the insurance values of the cards. Take timestamped pictures/scans before your submission if you really want to be cautious.

But for someone in a situation like me, where I live 15 minutes away from a PSA office, I have more wiggle room when it comes to messing with the declared values because I don’t have to worry too much about insurance issues.
It helps that the California PSA office shares a building with an army/marine organization :wink:

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@daelum will they let you actually walk in with cards for grading rather than sending them?

Yes, this is even written on the pricing.

That’s fucking Awesome! :blush: