Does getting a promo count as part of a set in your opinion?

Hi, I just started collecting again a few weeks ago and I’m trying to complete the xy base set, I was wondering if you guys considered a set to be completed if you tin promo cards like blastoise ex for xy base set 29 for example, I realized today they don’t have the same numbering on the bottom so it doesn’t seem like it should count.

Nope. Promo cards are a separate set, to be collected if you choose.


Those types of promos definitely don’t count.

I do consider Theme Deck variants a part of the set, personally. In each theme deck there are usually 2 or 3 cards that are either alternate foils of a holo card in the set or non-holos of holo cards from the set.

Thanks everyone that’s what I thought. Looks like I need to pick up a blastoise 29 then.

I would say promos are a seperate set. Im in a weird spot though because i like to have the pre releases graded as part of my complete graded set but for ungraded i consider them in their own special promo binder.

This is a good point. PreReleases would be second on my list for things I would consider adding to a set, though I still lean away from full inclusion on them specifically.

i only consider usual cards as part of my sets, any extras (prereleases, theme deck cards etc) i just put at the end of the set

I always include the pre release card as part of the complete set personally.

Do you call these promos?

I myself like to try and finish master sets, I would consider pre releases as part of this, and theme deck special cards also. But like that black star promo set would be separated.