Promo cards in sets

Not sure if it’s big enough for it’s own topic but I’ve noticed throughout the sets that many of the same card (& art) have a promo set to each set. Meaning instead of a certain symbol it’s the promo symbol instead.

Is this what happens? Meaning will there be promo versions of some of the same looking cards with the (for example) Dark Phantasma set? Or maybe I’m not understanding how this works.

I understand some promos are different, but I’ve noticed many of them are just the same cards/look with maybe some minor differences, but the main difference being promo symbol. Is there some kind of system to this? Do they always choose existing cards to also turn into promo cards or am I just high?

I don’t know if anyone yet knows what kinds of promos will come along with the Dark Phantasma set.
I also don’t think that there is a dead set system for which cards will become promos. They aren’t always are the exact same card, though. Often times the promos will get some exlusive (reverse) holo treatment or at least some stamps when they given out at prerelease events or tournaments etc.

Set cards becoming promos without any aesthetic change mostly happens when Japanese sets get merged and converted to a bigger English set. Then they like to make certain JPN set cards to English promos as purchasing incentive for certain tins, ETBs etc (Stained Glass legendary birds tag team trio from JPN set Sky Legends is one of many many examples).

What cards are you referring to specifically?

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@muk I see. Yeah I was really sticking to one language but I suppose since there’s many versions of the same card, best to assume that most of the promo versions (or any version that would fall in the promo category) would be the most sought after version of that specific card?

No specific card but I do remember seeing the same cards over & over again but just with a different symbol, & sometimes different color or added holo of some kind, but same art work for sure & some of them would also have the promo version.

Promos are generally less valuable. They are automatic, whereas set cards need to be pulled. An Umbreon V promo is worth $2, but the set card alt art is worth $50+

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Promos are by far the most valuable cards in the hobby.

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OP was referring to modern promos where the promo card is just another art to the set card. Most of the valuable promos are stand alone, not just a different art from the set card.

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