Does anybody know of or is selling an uncut holo sheet?

Hi there everyone! I’m really really searching hard for one of these. They’re my biggest want and I really want to purchase one! After any set but preferably WOTC era! Please, help me out!

Edit: Refreshing this page every two seconds. :stuck_out_tongue: C’mon guys! Help me out here.

I know @thecharizardauthorty has a couple for sale on his eBay store.
Currently, he has 3 listed.


I had a look there, sadly none are holo. :slightly_frowning_face: I’ve also contacted him privately here’s hoping he replies. :blush:

@kkthxbai, you were selling a fossil holo sheet, weren’t you?

That would be pretty fantastic if they are, we’re from the same country.

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I have some in Australia. Sydney pickup preferred. Holo sheets.

What do you have? I’m near Sydney.

@kkthxbai Didn’t realise you were JPN-X, haha.

Small world :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, this was my gamer tag ages ago… I’ve changed my name a few times on ebay. Used to be… Itsmineniggah. Then Skeetskeetmoment, then jpn-x-trade lol