Do you insure your collection?

Well, do you? Why or why not?

I have a tough roach guarding it.


No point IMO. Many collectibles cannot be replaced with any reasonable amount of compensation.

Smith and Wesson :wink:


i prefer Remington myself.

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A’int no Bravo Company :stuck_out_tongue:

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If they can lift the safe I have mine in and get it out the door without rupturing a few discs and getting a strangulated hernia. They can have it.

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“Insured” is kind of vague for me. I don’t think anyone financially ensures their cards maybe Scott or Glenn.

I think there’d be alot of issues with this legally if something did happen to you’re cards and it would also be a pain for insurance company’s to keep track of every single card you claimed “BTW I JUST BOUGHT A NEW CARD ON EBAY CAN YOU ADD DIS TO MAI BILL.” plus all the monthly fee’s you would have to pay, for the protection right? But that’s just me. Some people might consider keeping their collection under their desk next to their loaded shotgun ensured? Like I said really vague question for me. Short answer is no. It stays in it’s box, on my desk, in a gated condo; that’s my variation of “insured”

Insured by 12 Gauge. :blush:

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Same. :rofl:

Honestly speaking I haven’t thought about this issue before this topic was created. Not really worth of time/resources unless we’re talking about Illustrator.

I don’t have anything worth insuring lol

I have my cards insured. Just keep a list of cards/Boosters/Boxes etc. and send it to my insurance once a year.
It’s thousands of Euro’s/Dollars I put in to my collection over the years and with a fire it could be gone in a few minutes.


Seeing the direction of the discussion, another way to think about the question is, “How do you ensure the possession of your collection?”

-Keep a copy of every serial number
-Keep a picture of at least the front of every card
-Update the PSA collection from their website to hold a record with PSA of ownership.
-Backup often


Documenting Cert numbers and pics in the PSA registry wouldn’t replace it due to damage or theft, maybe im reading your response incorrectly. Most homeowners insurances you can only get a percentage of the total amount that your property is insured for, in the case of renters insurance its contents only coverage, and documentation would be required on both parts.

Obviously the more you insure the more your premium would be, and my only concern is that my collection wouldn’t be covered due to a loss because of the limit of contents coverage, i.e my collection exceeds my contents threshold.

The highest end items in this hobby, and any hobby for that matter are best stored in a safety deposit box. For items you keep in your home, a bolted safe is ideal. Any safe that takes multiple people to move is a safe bet.

Once stored properly, the next step is insurance, which here in the states naturally includes a firearm. :sunglasses:

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Agreeing with Scott, ONCE AGAIN. lololol. Must be nice to live in a state where the guns laws aren’t insane. *fmlihatecalfornialolnotreally*

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Could someone show me a picture of the kind of silicia gel which is necessary for storing the cards in a safe? I am looking for an insurance company here that would insure my collection but most companys only insure art (paintings, sculptures and such).
So I’ll buy a safe instead but need to know what kind of silicia gel I need and how often I need to change it.

and those laws are exactly the reason I will be leaving cali in the next few years.

If there’s a will, there’s a way. Any stolen card can be identified with the cert number to help build a case. This is a small community. Valuable cards are more than likely to reappear.

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I also fear housefire as the most likely cause of destruction of cards. I want to get insurance on my collectibles in the future (right now Im job-hunting), mainly to prevent such. If I can afford it. Fire could probably melt safes if hot enough and to fit all my cards in a safe, would have to be a huge safe. Plus I have other types of collectibles too, and I have thought “what could buy back all my collections”?before, and the answer came up to well over a million dollars plus YEARS to hunt stuff down!! In the end, since collectible insurance (and most home insurance does NOT cover all collectibles) can be very expensive and hard to get 100% coverage, I have decided that when I get my own home ---- I need good electrical wiring (I keep reptiles), a security system, and a sprinkler system. Even if the sprinklers go off, the cards won’t get wet. Call me crazy, but I really think a sprinkler system can save a building from a fire.

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