Do I have every OBF Umbreon Variant?

Trying to get all variants in all languages in PSA 10 for the Umbreon(Noctali) 130 Obsidian Flames card and promos. I don’t know why or how i started this collection but might as well finish it! (or at least just the english, but ideally all, that are available languages, so far have french, spanish, english, japanese)
What cards am I missing?

You have Japanese and English covered (for now). Rumor is the Halloween set will have this Umbreon.

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Regarding the regular card you are missing: Korean, Traditional Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, German, Italian and Portuguese the last three including reverses and then of course also the regular versions in French and Spanish including reverses since you only have the promos. Possibly you’ll also have to add Simplified Chinese like next year when they have catched up with releases.


Damn, Ok Maybe Ill stick to just the Promo versions then for the collection and not the regulars, since those are hard to find on ebay.

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I never liked that labeling. Should have just been Obsidian Flames Stamp.
Prevents future releases from invalidating the label

Korean TChinese Thai Indonesian dont have reverses?

Pretty sure they tend to follow the Japanese sets so they don’t always get reverse