DJ Krabby - Can you help me with translation?

Hi everyone!!!
Some time ago I’ve bought “Pokémon Card Trainers Magazine Vol.20” and in page 12 it appears this card (DJ Krabby). I’m working on a project related to that series of cards that appeared in that magazine, I decided to start with DJ Krabby, but I’m having troubles with translation. Can someone help me??? Thanks



I can make out some of the characters, but a lot of it is just too compressed for me to decipher

Here’s better photo … hope it helps

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Can’t promise it’s all 100% correct as it’s quite difficult to make out, and a lot of it requires context to how the game works (retreating, attacking etc) which I don’t have. I just collect lol.

Pokepower Scratch

You may use this power once per turn. From your deck, search for all Pokémon that can use ultrasonic or otherwise unpleasant sounds and place as many of them as you want onto the bench. You cannot use this power if your bench is full or this Pokémon suffers from any status condition.

Pokepower Settlement

When this Pokémon retreats to the bench, the number of required energy to retreat becomes the total number of Pokémon that can use ultrasonic or otherwise unpleasant sounds from both you and your opponents field.

Attack: CD Blast

This attack’s damage is 50+ in regions of 50Hz frequency and 60+ in 60Hz regions. Flip 3 coins. If all coins are tails them this card also does an additional 10 damage for all cards in yours and your opponents field which can use ultrasonic sound and otherwise unpleasant sounds. Return those cards to the deck after this attack.


That sounds borderline broken. And yet horrible at the same time. Kind of card I’d use as a kid. With a slight reinterpretation of the rules of course.

It was drawn by some 15 yr old kid as a bit of context :p.

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Thank you so much!!!

With “Context” you refer to this text I attached??? what does it say???

That seems to just add a little backstory to the card, was it inserted alongside?

Yes. It’s next to the card.

Btw, with “Settlement” you mean like a “Solution”, “Agreement” or “Payment”??? (Sorry for asking much questions, but I’m working on a project related to the cards of this page)

Ahh got it. Yeah it basically reads “Right, weren’t you the guy driving noisily around being chased by cop cars?? I guess you were DJ Krabby… You live a ‘funky’ life!”

The nuance of the middle sentence is likely off, I don’t feel like I can do that part justice in a translation. But that’s the gist.

This should help with the ‘settlement’ translation. Sorry, might not have picked the best description for it.


Many thanks for all your help!!!

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