Did "Wild Blaze" have an Unlimited print run?

Curious about this… I’ve gotten mixed answers. Any help would be greatly appreciated :blush:

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Can’t answer definitively, but I have never seen UED Wild Blaze packs or cards. I figure that there would be some product with UED Wild Blaze if they did have it, but I have never seen anything. So probably not imo.

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I agree, I’ve never seen them either :confused:

I’ve definitely seen unlimited Wild Blaze opened before. I’ll edit this post when I can find the vid.

Thank you!

Great question! I was wondering the same thing. If what salmoncannon said is true… F$&#!! Just when I thought I was only 3 cards away from completing a “Master Set” of PSA 10 Flashfire/Wildblaze Zards… I have to readjust that count lol. Oh well,looks like we have some hunting to do :sunglasses:

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No. I’ve never seen a single card from Wild Blaze in Unlimited Edition form.

Come to mind… Spiral Force + Red Collection were two more sets that there was no Unlimited Print Run for…

Interesting. I wonder why they chose not to print 1st Ed :confused:

Low sales?

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Wild Blaze was actually sold out for quite awhile. Japan just decided to print 1st Edition Booster Boxes I guess. I’m thinking maybe because it was a Charizard based set, they expected to sell a crazy amount of product.

Isn’t it like they plan to print a certain amount of 1ed then once it’s gone it’s gone? As in say for example they wanted to print 10 boxes of 1ed, if before the next set is released those 10 sell then the set gets an unlimited run?

I think this is how it works. They have a certain amount of product planned for a release in 1ED, and then if there is more demand or they need it for multi-set promo packs and such they print an unlimited run. The only XY sets I’ve seen in UED are X/Y Collection, Tidal Storm/Gaia Volcano, and Emerald Break.

I think there are unlimited produced. In the large/jumbo wild blaze pack they had unlimited packs. I think k the trend is to have unlimited produced in those non set pack combos.

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I think Hisoka is correct, the Charizard mega battle packs, I’ve just never seen a box of it which confuses me. Potts and I have spoken about this a bunch as I’m collecting a full JP XY 1ED box collection.

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