Anyone else watch Dexter? Just watched the most recent episode and it just keeps getting better and better. I can hardly contain suggesting it to every person I know! Haha

Yes! I have watched all of the seasons and this one is pretty crazy. Some of the acting is soapy at times but it is still a good show. I am just waiting for them to relieve the awkward sexual tension between Deb and Dexter. It is weird because they were married briefly in real life.

Yeah I’ve seen all of the seasons too! While this season can’t escape small criticisms, I can’t deny that they’re doing a lot of good in comparison to last season. This one just has me on the edge of my seat, especially after ep 10. Although I just really want Quinn out of the picture, he’s been the one subplot that just annoys me this season.

Deb/Dexter are all around just interesting to say the least ahah, I wonder where they’ll go next. There’s no room for Hannah and Deb on the show imo so she’ll definitely get the boot over Deb, and soon.

I love dexter, try this if you’re a drinker…
Deb drops so many fucks and fuckballs it’s great

haha Deb stays swearing. She is such a good detective but they make her an emotional mess at least once per episode.

Definitely trying this next week when exams are over! I have a feeling the game will accomplish its goal very fast though ahah