Since Game of Thrones starts today...

Found this masterpiece on YouTube :blush:



Some people have way to much time on their hands.

Hey u gotta admit that it looks good, who knows if it was for a project or something.

this one is still my favorite


what did you all think of the episode?

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I liked it a lot although I was expecting more action…
Ed Sheehan :heart_eyes:

The ending reminded me of the end of this season of House of Cards lol :blush:

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I thought the episode was decent but didn’t have enough content… though that’s probably only because I’ve been waiting for that episode for so damn long haha. Mr mormont better get that greyscale sorted asap too as he seems to be having a bad time. I’ve read a solid fan theory on how he will be cured which I can share if anyone wishes.

I think I might know how mormont does but I’m not going to post it here. It has something to do with one of the books sam was reading. Is that what you were thinking too? Also, there will only be 7 episodes this season so as far as not being satisfied with the amount of content get ready to continue being unsatisfied as there is no way they can jam everything in the last 2 seasons. Hope for spinoffs maybe.

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the opening scene was amazing gives me chills lol

Obviously there are others who have never watched Game of Thrones, but I often feel like the only person who hasn’t watched it and has no interest either.


Episode 1: The beginning scene was great. Then it started to go downhill. Overall, I give it a 6.5/10

It’s actually a reallllly hard show to start watching. There is a lot of jumping around and different characters/places that aren’t really explicitly introduced. The fantasy genre and period are not really the most popular either so I don’t blame you for not being interested as I didn’t really think I would find it interesting. There’s a lot of lewd and violent material as well so if that’s not your thing either. The character development and plot connections and realism are really well done though which is why I like it. Plus the fantasy aspect is not overbearing like most fantasy literature/shows.

I always like to recommend shows to all my friends but I’m not a die hard omg this the way and only way. I watch a lot of shows; House of Cards, Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, American Horror Story, Orange is New Black… so I think they are all pretty different from each other lol

You’re not alone, I haven’t watched it either. My little brother watched all so far, and I personally read the first two books many years ago before they started the TV series. But I already have too many other series and movies on my backlog and too few time to watch them.


i dunno man you may be the only one on this one. :nerd_face:

just read @quuador

i dont know whats happening to the world anymore.

This is exactly what people tell me all the time “It’s really good, you should watch it”. And I never ever managed to watch more than a few minutes while flipping channels.

I cannot care for medieval fantasy setting, I honestly dislike Lords of the Rings and everything that borrows to straight forward from DnD. Games of Thrones is, in my opinion, only popular due to it’s brutality and frontal nudity. Setting aside the whole theme/setting of the series, there is not a single actor in the series I see as a ‘great actor’. The whole fandom surrounding GoT is just terrible. People being more angry about not following the decade old books than they ever were with LotR, Potter, Narnia or anything Marvel Universe.

And due to this, I cannot say anything about the video posted. All I gotta say; animation is nicely done.


Make it three! I may have watched few first episodes of Game of Thrones but then the interest just dropped.

I’m not your frieeend

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