Detective Pikachu set to feature Ken Watanabe promo card

From Pokebeach;

“Detective Yoshida, a full art Supporter card, will be a secret rare card in the Japanese Detective Pikachu mini-set. The set releases in Japan on April 26th. The card was officially revealed on a Pokemon TCG truck in Japan, like some cards in the past.”

Any thoughts on this? I think it’s cool but I’m also a sucker for novelty.


I think this is from a tcg van in Japan. Lol

That guy is in so many Japanese movies and tv stuff.

Looks cool, not 100% sure if it will be printed as a card, but the last 2-3 showcased they put on that van we’re printed as cards. I think it was Snorlax promo, and giovanni, and probably a few other prints. But I can’t remember all.

will these be in booster boxes? i might have to grab a box

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I want one

Is this guy voicing Pikachu in the Japanese version? I have no idea who he is but I’ll definitely be picking up this card if it gets released. Also, I have now convinced myself that we should get a Ryan Reynolds with Pikachu FA.

I think it’s super cool! An autographed copy of this, and a Ryan Reynolds autographed Detective Pikachu card are on my list!

He plays a detective in the movie!

Looks like Giovanni to me :grin:

Eeeh, I don’t know how I feel about having more than one detective in Detective Pikachu. :stuck_out_tongue: