Defect holo lucario

hey I have a lucario I got out of a pack it’s in decent condition peeling at the corners a bit. Anyways I have this card and the back of the card is printed upside down. How much would this be worth? Just ballpark a value pls

A scan/picture would be great. We also have no idea which Lucario it is

We can’t really help you much until we have those 2 details :blush:


Definitely worth about 8 million dollars. Since Pokemon printing quality is so impeccable, and rarely produces misprints, any card like this is something collectors will pay out the wazoo to have. Especially if it’s in decent condition. A couple peeling corners really doesn’t matter that much. Congratulations on finding such a rare item!


Stahp :stuck_out_tongue:

How much could I sell it for though

It won’t let me post a picture I’ll have one on my Twitter @cooperfullmer

It’s a fake card :slightly_frowning_face:

Yeah sorry dude, that is definitely a fake card.

Also just a heads up. That is not what most people would consider decent condition. If I bought a real Booster Pack of Pokemon cards and a card came out looking like that I’d be raising all kinds of hell.

Added confirmation: definitely a fake.

Switchitup - if you really want to sell the card. Let everyone know it is a fake, and by being honest you may can sell it for a penny.

Seriously, I have sold fake cards (if they are neat looking and perfect condition) labeled as crazy bootlegs for 0.25 each. That was only the really interesting ones.