Dark Espeon

I’m thinking very hard about bidding/ and hopefully buying a PSA 10 ,Dark Espeon, as obviously I really like espeon,

thoughts on the card in general?

would you want it in your collection? do you have it?

why not if not?

Just judging from your posts, I’m thinking you could really benefit from a priorities list.

Open a new document. Then type everything you can think of that you want. Even if it’s a hundred items. Just do it one time to get it all out of your mind. It’ll help you to not feel overwhelmed by all there is to have.

Next, order that huge list by how much you want it. Take each item and seriously ask, “Do I want this more or less than the items above and below it?”

Once you have a priorities list, stick to it. You can add pricing information by it of what you want to spend on each card. You’ll have to save for some of the top priorities. That’s just a fact of life. But you’ll feel better about the quality of your collection, you’ll have fewer questions about what you should and should not buy, and you’ll feel more accomplished when something on the list is obtained.

Trust me on this one. Take the time to do this list and collect for you. Spend according to what you want to spend (obviously assuming reasonable estimates) and just enjoy setting goals and following through on them. You’ll thank me later. :wink:


thank you for your suggestion and help ,I shall make one when get some free time

I wish i had taken funmonkey’s advice sooner!

Good advice.
Otherwise you only waste time jumping around all over the place with no set goal in mind…and your collection ends up scattered with no rhyme or reason and you’ll end up stuck with tons of cards you spent money on that would have been better spent on something else.

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thanks for all your replies guys, helped alot

I know now my top 2 priorities ,set wise I want to do :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: