Current conventions and meetups

With all the cardshows going on, a I didnt see a place to manage or ask if anyone is going to be somewhere and has the possibility of meeting irl.


Currently I happen to be in the right area for EC3, a collectibles convention, in Connecticut. Anyone else around today?

I’ll be wearing my E4 lanyard and if you find me there I may be able to share a new discovery that I dont dare send by mail until more studies are done.


It was nice meeting you yesterday! There is rod’s event on the 14th and this one in NH if you were not aware. Both are very fun imo.

Lmk what you think about e3con. I have been to it before and it was decent. Not exactly the event for me but I am curious to your opinion.


Anyone planning on going to Comic Con in NYC in October? Never been and wondering if it’s a good show for Pokémon.

I go every year. Last year it was good as Midori Harada was there and vendors were plentiful with Pokémon (most I’ve seen compared to previous years)

In prior years, I’d say it was hit or miss depending on what you could find. What I disliked in prior years were the prices are better online most of the time.

Overall though the event is amazing and very fun.

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NJ Collect-a-con will be a big event in July. I’m sure many members will be there.


Do you know how far in advance Harada confirmed attendance to Comic con? Would like to try and get my first signature in person if it’s someone I enjoy.

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Honestly I can’t remember exactly, but it was less than a week before it actually started (I want to say 3 days).

It was very short notice and no one expected it. That’s a large reason why not many people were there.

If you want to go to NYCC, don’t go hoping for an artist. If there is an artist, consider it a bonus. That was her first appearance and it only happened cause of Chris. No idea if it will happen this year as well considering how expensive it is for many to buy a spot in artist Alley to showcase their work.


Agreed that makes sense, appreciate the help.

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I’ll be at collect a con in New Jersey next month and I’ll wear my Efour lanyard


Should be making CaC Chicago this fall

Didnt even realize it was going on this weekend I live in CT :upside_down_face:

This thread should be include upcoming events for those turds like me :slightly_smiling_face:

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I will be vending at CaC NJ :]

I will have my E4 Worlds Yokohama Lanyard on and will be near the food area.

Come see me, I will have a special card with me from my Personal Collection :eyes:


I will be at both days of CaC New Jersey. Looking forward to meeting anyone that will be there!

There will be a card show in Fargo North Dakota on August 10th and 11th, if there is anyone in my neck of the woods going my son and i will be there on the 10th, it would be cool to say hi.


I’m currently 50/50 on NJ CaC. If there are others going let me know, might help me move to a 60/40.