Corgi ,Matchbox, hot wheels, Dinky etc

When I was a kid I had like 5K + toy cars and various sealed ones… sold them all when I was around 13-14 for way less than I could of If I had /used ebay at the time (sad I know)

I have regretted parting with that collection ever since the last one sold but recently I found a few ones I had left, listed them

sold…but was interested to be contacted by a collector in Brazil who claimed he was one of the biggest corgi’s collectors in south america and had made 100k+ purchases from the uk (one thing that threw me though was the fact he didnt like the hefty shipping charge it was going to be and he didn’t win the auction anyway

but the point of this thread other than sharing some self history and information is I’m interested if any of our fellow community are interested in such an area,and if so how big of a collection have you or had?

I think my uncle has a lot of the corgi cars, some of them fetch some hefty prices now. There is quite a market for those cars, especially if there still in the box.

I also did something similar at 12, when I traded about 2000+ pokemon base cards for like 2 holograms, to some old reseller at the markets in 1999. We make some stupid choices when we’re young.

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indeed , well always time to make up for such things :blush: