confused by 3rd gen cards

so i’m really confused with the 3th gen? (Ex Ruby Sapphire till Ex power keepers )

first of all is the gold border. does this make a card fake? If not, how can i tell which cards appear with a gold border

same goes for the logo’s on the illustration. i’ve learned that its the reverse holo from the sets but does that also make the card holo and if so, does every card has a reverse holo variant (because i once read not all the cards had it which i though was strange).

last of all the golden letters. same thing as the gold border, does it make it fake and how can i tell which cards have this

All C/UC/R/Holo cards have a Reverse Holo variant, a Gold border just means it’s a Holo card(whether it be the Holo itself, or Reverse Holo). Also a Reverse Holo-Holo will have the name of the card/HP in Gold as well. Here is a comparison for you:

Only delta species holos had the gold border. They had that strange flat foil affect instead of the standard cosmo foil too. Look at Crystal Guardians for example. That delta species Blastoise that Milhouse has shown has this gold bordered holo affect, while a other holos in the set, such as the Manectric, had a regular yellow border and cosmo foil.

Most sets had the set name on the picture if they were reverse holos. Som didn’t though. Ex Hidden Legends springs to mind.

The gold letters would be a feature of a reverse holo variant of a card that’d usually be holo.

Is it usual for the labels to not differentiate between the two?

Unsure if usual or not. They are the only side by side Holo/Rev Holo examples I have that are PSA graded.

Don’t know much about this time period of cards, very confusing lol

so not all reverse holos have a logo?and gold border is only for delta species? and for the logo’s is there a site or something where i can find which cards don’t have logo variants?

also i love that blastoise PSA 10

Not sure until when but for a time i think all reverses featured the set logo during that period. I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong.

everyone says something else

My question is: Why is there no differentiation between the labels from PSA for cards like that?

Honestly, enough collectors have difficulty with the distinction.

I doubt PSA could handle it.


I already bought this up earlier :stuck_out_tongue:

guys im still confused *hits himself in it’s confusion*


PSA probably overlooked the RH logo. They usually do distinguish between holo and RH cards on the label.

the earlier ex series sets did not have the set name/logo on reverse cards, take for example ruby/sapphire, dragon etc

i wish there was just a website where i can find all the rev holos, it’s not on bulbapedia

mm small update, it’s says in the set info…