Condition of this Shining Tyranitar

Hello! I recently purchased this unlimited Shining Tyranitar. It looked to be in great condition, but then I noticed something odd. The bottom left corner of the holo (the small triangle of ttar’s tail) has been pressed through the card slightly, and it can be seen on the back, together with the lower edge of the holo. I’ve never seen anything like this. Can this be considered an ‘‘error’’? Can I still call this card NM/M?

PSA will tear you a new one and grade it no better than 6. It is an indent in the card, reselling it will be pain because nobody will see it as a print/press defect.

But besides the push-through; Nice card nonetheless

Thank you for your answer! I guess this card will go into my binder then :blush:

I think it probably is an error, because the chances of it being the exact indentation of that tail piece seem incredibly small. Even though it probably is an error, I don’t think it is a very desirable one unfortunately =|

2/6 mine have the same defect, so I suppose it’s an “error” by definition but certainly not a “good” kind of error. I’ve been hand grading for many years and personally wouldn’t let it pass above Excellent-Near Mint.

Still a great binder card :blush:

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That’d be a bit harsh no? It looks to be a minor flaw.

Nope, indents are treated on the same level as creases

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