Community Binder

Hi all, I stumbled upon a really interesting post on E4 that floated the idea of a community binder. I’m keen to relaunch the idea.

Essentially, any of us can post an interesting card to the thread (picture encouraged!), I’ll tally which card gets the most likes for the week, and then we all add a copy of that card to our individual community binder.

I’d be interested to know if anyone is keen on doing this project with me and what card you think should be the Week 1 pick!


I think this is a neat idea. A week might be too often and cause people to lose steam. I wonder if monthly could be better and then people could make a case for their card, then there’s voting the last couple days of the month?


Any pricing guidance on cost per week?

Expense is another reason to maybe do it monthly instead of weekly, even if that means slower to build.


I like the idea! I think there should be a very low price cap though, like $1. Even $10 once a month is $120/year, and I expect will price out a lot of people who would otherwise participate.

Also, a tiny price cap would incite people to hunt for and appreciate ‘bulk’ that otherwise gets ignored most of the time.


I also like this idea very much and would like to participate. Just want to clarify, like others have mentioned, I think it is also wiser to have the frequency to “card of the month”. It seems much more feasible and will keep people interested. Also, I also hope there is no restriction on language. I only collect Japanese and would happily get the Japanese equivalent of the card, unless it is exclusive of course.

Looking forward to it. Thanks for taking this up!



The closest idea to this is the e4 signature exchange, the signed cards have more personality too!

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The difference here is that you’re only responsible for one card instead of dozens. It’s more low key.


Thanks for the feedback, @stagecoach, @destase, and @mrbubbles! I’m glad to see there’s shared interest in a community binder! :slight_smile:

Completely agreed that once per month is much more sustainable than once per week. Also noted that we should be conscious of cost - how does $1-10 sound as a recommended range per card so it doesn’t set people back more than $50-100 per year as it’s just a casual community thing?

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I think it would be difficult to limit which cards should be suggested unless theres a theme and card era to stick to.

Agreed that this could draw a pretty scattered range of card recommendations, but I’m also hesitant to impose theme/era restrictions as it could cause us to overlook some really nice finds or turn people away. What do others think on this?

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Yes good point!

I’ll keep an eye on the thread as it’s an interesting idea and could be fun!

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But imagine how much we can pump up prices if all E4 participates and buys the same card simultaneously :chart_with_upwards_trend:


Did someone say buyout?! :chart_with_upwards_trend:


Jokes aside though, I hope we can try to pick ‘liquid’ enough cards to keep the binder accessible to everyone and not cause any market slippage (lol).


I think if we’re sub $10 we’ll be ok but agreed.

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It’s like a Book Club except for cards

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1 card a week feels like a lot of work but 1 card a month feels like too slow.

How about 4-5 are chosen per month? Or maybe 9 per month so it makes a full binder page. And each month can have its own theme. It’s easier to buy multiple things at a once vs four times a month.


That’s a great idea - once per month but multiple cards. Just need to figure out a way to make sure it doesn’t get too expensive / cause people to pay 5 different shipping fees every month :sweat_smile:.

The benefit of doing multiple per month is you can do like a troll and toad or cardtrader order and only pay shipping once