Binder throwback? :')

Hi everyone!

Having looked at all your fancy-ass instagram accounts, I decided to make one myself too. Hoping to show off a part of my collection every day.
Since I feel the focus lately has been very much on graded cards and sealed items, I decided we should give our old binders some love too!

Honestly, I had some issues with the grading cards at first, since I couldn’t put them all back in my binder anymore :’)


I used to love decorating binders:


That looks amazing Gary!

Never crossed my mind to the booster boxes to decorate the binder.
This is one of my first binder, loved to put drawing in :relieved:


@palamec1a, A lot of love went into your binder.


you’re right, I can’t deny that :grin:
I could really look through my binder for hours. I remember the psyduck from fossil was one if my favourite cards at the time.
Funny how rarity didn’t matter at all back then :')


Hey, even today for myself rarity plays the least of a role my most treasured cards! Its all about how you value your things and which matter most to you which gives the most character of ones collection! Great binder pics!

On that subject of value though, check out this thread by Pokemon Classics and his awesome video he did on that exact subject of value:

Its really well done and touches on it perfectly. Also, there should be new stories popping up daily in the next two weeks here, but I really enjoyed his take on the matter. (my story is in there there too, if you wanna take a look :blush: )


I recently started a PSA binder collection. I love having graded cards to keep them protected but I really missed the binder feel. They sell the pages in packs of 5 on ebay if you are interested!