Collectors Vs Players

I would think the coronavirus is really hurting the players side of the game. If they can’t meet, they can’t play. If they can’t play they won’t buy. If they don’t buy, modern set sellers will be hurt.

You and I can actively collect by buying, selling and trading, online. We hardly skip a beat (besides the viruses affect on income).

What say you?

I say battle via Skype!



I would agree with xzini, PTCGO. But… I stopped playing on PTCGO because every time I went into it to play a few casual games I ran into guys testing their meta deck and that’s no fun at all. Would be more fun if PTCGO had a draft option like Magic Arena.

I think every sport and hobby suffering from the same thing now. People not able/allowed to get together. But it will all work out in the end.

I say buy some modern cases, and wait twenty years. Hidden Fates = Hidden Gainz


Some local business could face troubles without players and walk-in traffic yeah.

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Less playing at a store but maybe more playing at the kitchen table.


I have always stayed clear of cards that are playable, as soon as they are out of rotation or no longer meta they drop like a rock and never recover. I remember Rudy talking about roaring skies and he didn’t seem to understand it was only doing well because of how strong Shaymin EX was. And of course we then learned modern can be reprinted on top of it’s already massive print runs. If you want to long term invest in English modern at least buy what’s collectible not playable.

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@garyis2000 yeah I had similar thoughts on this myself with things going forward with the current climate affecting many events from happening. Though being both a collector and player myself (more of a collector rather than player, but still lol), I havent really changed much of my modern buying personally. Actually, being that the state i live in (NY) has many things on lockdown and with me doing school/work from home, i actually ordered more modern than normal to make a few decks and play with my gf that I live with. While this is only a small case, I could see kitchen table playing increase a bit as @rattlebear, mentioned, but being that PTCGO exists id see that increasing as well. Regardless, whether sales hurt or not, I could see it lighting a fire in people to want to buy more to play once able to again and I dont think it would have a long lasting effect further down the road, but this is just purely my speculative thought and should be taken with a huge grain of salt :blush:


Only good if you are going to flip them quickly and even that it is not worth it to buy a full box unless your going to collect the rest.

@garyis2000, would this slow down the flipping community? :X

Try playing theme decks. They are generally pretty balanced aside from power creep (i.e don’t play a theme deck from 3 years ago against a new one.)

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Yeah… I used to do that, but also gets boring very fast. Did the tournaments and stuff and just filled with bots and their Gallade decks. Which ramp up way faster than e.g. my Decidueye starter deck

When the theme deck is released in relation to rotation is just as important. A theme deck right after rotation is going to be lacking a lot of the strong stuff that builds up.

Personally i’m an collector and long term investor so I don’t have much interest in quick flipping. Especially if it’s modern product, it’s just not for me. Not saying any method is wrong or right, this is just what I like.

I hope this slow down the raffle stuff too.
I wanted to buy something, but the person rather raffle it for maximum profit.

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I participated in one raffle many moons ago when I first started collecting. Long story short, I won the item and then going back on Ebay a few years down the road, happened to see what the card is worth and I paid way too much for the card.

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Every card store in my area is closed until further notice and the pokemon company has cancelled all sanctioned events until at least May 17th. Alot of pro players in my area believe that the season will end up ultimately being canceled, which IMO is going to really hurt the modern market for the foreseeable future. Alot of the modern market is based on how cards perform in the competitive metagame, which is non existent right now and it’s going to be that way until at least June.

Also, PTCGO blows. It’s really difficult to build decks and its RNG is bad.

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