Collecting since I was young

So i’ve been collecting cards since i was little, probably around the time gameboy color came out. i still buy packs of cards here and there but by far these are my favorite cards in my entire collection
Anyone else have any boss cards simmilar to these?

But here is my full collection. :slight_smile:

This is one of my boss cards…

Also I don’t think you should post that link…Because it also implies you’re selling your collection.

i could change the names of them on my DA account i guess. that will take forever tho. i’ll get around to that. unless, is there a way to make an album and upload pix here?

oh wow love the rapidash!

Only way to make an album is thru photobucket

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Implies? You’re the master of understatement Elam.)

the guy said i can have the link, just not advertise tht they r being sold here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, you can sell stuff here in 50 posts. LOL. If I had my collection digital, I’ll be super rich by now since I’ll have all the cards existed.

at 50? i thought it was 100 posts? well if its at 50 then its okay the link is there now =p

In 50 posts. So 50 posts from where you were when he posted it. Or: 100.

ohhh wow im stupid, i was right to begin with the 100posts =p shoosh i was half asleep when i replied to that =p lol either way the admin said the link to my colletion is okay as long as im not advertising etc.

im reuploasing my collection soon anyways but by singles instead of pages