CJ_Pokemon's Collection

Starting with some of my Japanese Worlds Promos, will add other parts of my collection as well :slight_smile:

I also put them all together for a picture just as an overview.


Insane ! :star_struck:

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Awesome cards! These are such a cool collection idea; historical, good artwork, and neat to see the progression from year to year. One day I’d like to start doing the same :slight_smile:

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Thanks! Indeed, it is such a fun set to collect. The artworks are all similar to each other, they are pretty rare/scarce (so it is a nice challenge) and also they look amazing :slight_smile:

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Wow, very nice!

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Wow, such an awesome collection! Really inspiring to also have a look at getting some of these cards at some point. Really great start to your collection thread. Cant wait to see more. Do you have a favorite Worlds Promo artwork?


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Thank you :slight_smile: My all time favourite will always be the 1999 Tropical Wind. From those cards which are shown in the pictures, I would say the '07 is my favourite!

Super awesome collection! Kizuki’s style is immaculate on these bad boys!


Great collection! Which artwork is your favorite? :thinking:

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absolutely stunning. which one did you start your journey with?

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Look 2 replies above yours :slight_smile:

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The first one I ever bought was the 2018 Champions Festival. Got it from a friend when it was a raw card :slight_smile: that was the time when I learned new things about the historical aspects of worlds promos and fell in love with them, so shortly after I bought the 2006 PSA 10 and then step by step all the others :upside_down_face:

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Just wanted to update this thread with some pictures I recently took of my cards. Even though I would say Japanese tropical/ worlds promos are my main area, I am collecting some other cards as well.

Since I started collecting Pokemon cards again back in march 2021, the Japanese WEB Series has always felt special to me. Last week I could finish my starter trio!

Another reason why I love the WEB Series: It is the only way to get the Blackstar Promo legendary bird artworks with a holofoil and also it has the University Magikarp artwork, just for way less money than the original :smiley:


Almost forgot to add my favourite card in my collection which I also was able to purcase recently. Cant stress enough how much I love this artwork!