Choose your starter

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Option 5, Oshawott

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Haha, I am not a boomer. I only ever played the sinnoh games, I played them a LOT. I did switch my starter each playthrough, but I think my favorite is turtwig. Big, slow, when arriving at cynthia evolved and overleveled turtle crushes everything with earthquake. But I like all sinnoh starters.

Torchic, I choose you!


I chose Pikachu since I loved playing Yellow and having Pikachu follow me in my playthroughs (even though Pikachu was really bad in the late game)

As for my favorite starter, I would say it’s Mudkip.

(Honorable mentions cyndaquil, totodile, torchic, squirtle, treecko)

As of right now Bulbasaur is (temporarily) in first. Surely this won’t hold :open_mouth:

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Torchic always!!!


Torchic, but out of the options it has to be lettuce frog.

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Torchic all the way :heart_eyes:

Oh come on. No gen 2?

Where my Cyndaquil fans at?! Cyndaquil Gang Risee Up :blush:


Squirtle, how else am I supposed to get a Blastoise?

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Cyndaquil of course



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Mudkip all day


Yellow was the first video game I owned, shout out to my boi SPRKE (Sparky) who eventually lead me here

totodile baby! No boomer

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Eevee (technically legit since Let’s Go Eevee) because I’m all about potential

I love all the gen 3 starters equally :sob:. If I had to choose, I’d probably say Torchic. But they’re all amazing.

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Eevee’s unique moves in that game are absolutely busted lmao

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