Charizard TCG Collection -Help Needed-

I was wondering if anyone could help me find a charizard card I have been looking for a year now. I came here mainly because I wasn’t sure where else to go to and after searching google :blush: Any help on this would be VERY much appreciated! Thank you!


That would be awesome if you could!! Thank you so much!

There’s one Charizard you’re looking for.

Thanks alot!!! Now if only someone could buy that for me on that site and relist it on ebay or something lol. so close. yet so far.

That listing is way overpriced. You probably don’t want to pay that much and would be better off waiting for a while.

lol alright! Thanks for the warning guys!!! :blush:

Sorry, I had no clue what’s the value of that, just stumbled upon it by accident on yahoo.

How rare/common that Charizard is ?

I have Two of these cards but i have heard they are worth over 5,500

Do you mean 5,500 yen?

No $5,500

That is severely overpriced.

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I have seen this on another site also where it wasn’t a seller

That is not the card that was being discussed in this topic.

There’s a difference from a PSA graded card and ungraded.

such as?

The fact that a graded card is GRADED.
Ungraded cards aren’t necessarily gem mint. Your card could look like someone used it as dental floss for all we know. Graded cards are encapsulated so their condition is finite.

Your card isn’t graded and thus shouldn’t be based on PSA 10, PSA 9, PSA 8, PSA 7, PSA 6, PSA 5, PSA 4, PSA 3, PSA 2, PSA 1 grades.
It is valued as a raw card.

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